You will need
  • - dry ice;
  • glass;
  • the straw;
  • - a drink.
To prepare such a drink will need dry ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide, a gas that we exhale, so it is harmless to the body, but it is not edible and use dry ice should only to create the effect, and not for human consumption.
Dry ice can cause burns if you take it with bare hands. If you want to use it in drinks, you just have to be careful and use tongs or wear gloves when handling this product.
The technology of preparation of drinks with the fog effect is fairly simple. On the bottom of the glass put a small piece of dry ice. Over it sprinkle a few cubes of regular ice. Then add any drink you desire.
Serve cocktails with a straw, so guests do not accidentally swallow the dry ice. Another way is to put a piece in a larger glass and add some warm water, and in the smaller glass to pour a drink and put it inside of the glass.