Advice 1: How do you know when will begin monthly

The menstrual cycle of every woman is individual, however, gynecologists have noted that the time period from one menstruation to another is 26 to 35 days. It is important to determine what period of time is characterized by your body.
How do you know when will begin monthly
You will need
  • Calendar, thermometer, mirror.
To monitor the menstrual cycle is necessary from a young age, because the regularity of menstruation is one of the main indicators of women's health. Many women do not know the exact date of the beginning of the cycle, although this knowledge helps, as a minimum, to prevent "unpleasant surprise" at the wrong time, maybe they will allow them to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy if you use the calendar method.
First of all, pay attention to premenstrual "beacons". These are signs, which can determine the likelihood of menstruation in the near future. Your own feelings – your helpers: please note, if increased mammary glands, whether they became more sensitive. While there may be nagging stomach pain, increasing the likelihood of a bad mood, as they say, for no reason. In some women, drowsiness, lethargy and physical weakness are also the harbingers of critical days. Monitor individual condition!
Another indicator – selection. Pay attention to their presence on underwear. Abundant white, yellowish or brownish selection appear about a week before menstruation.
To determine the start date of menstruation is possible through the calendar. You should celebrate the first day of your month and add to it 28 days. Thus, you can get the approximate starting day of the next month. Note: this method is only effective if monthly pass regularly and without errors.
Another way is ovulating. It occurs in the middle of your cycle and represents the release of an egg from the follicle, and increasing the number of female hormones. The female body responds to this hormonal explosion temperature rise of approximately 0.5-0.7 degrees. So make friends with the thermometer and observe its condition. Please note: to use the thermometer you need in the morning, and insert it in the anus and hold for about 10 minutes. Don't forget to record observations, notes must contain the date, thermometer readings, and day of menstrual bleeding. Before ovulation thermometer readings will be equal to 36.4-36.6 degrees, then rises up to 37,1-37,5 degrees. From ovulation you need to count for 12-16 days. The number by which you will leave in the calculation, will show you the day of the month next time.

Advice 2 : How to understand that period

Monthly is a process that is accompanied by discomfort. Signs of menstruation every woman manifested in different ways. Someone does not feel changes in the body, and for some it's a problem that impedes their way of life.
Basically, the first month the girls have between 11 to 16 years.

The first menstruation in girls

Basically, the first month (of the regulation) the girls have between 11 to 16 years. Approximately two years before the onset of the first menstruation behavior, mood and physical condition of the girl is undergoing significant change. Her figure takes on a rounded shape and becomes more feminine.

The roots of the hair on the head, quickly grow fat, some girls dandruff appears. The sebaceous and sweat glands increases, resulting in the skin may become acne. Slightly increase in size, the outer genitals and pubes and in the armpits become more rigid and darker.

Vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea) become abundant for 3-4 months before the first menstruation. They can be liquid, viscous, clear or white and odor. The girl in this period may experience frequent headaches, feelings of apathy, resentment, and aggression for no apparent reason. Some girls may experience a dragging pain in the abdomen just before the blood discharge.

Signs of menstruation in women

The second and all subsequent monthly menstruation will depend on the length of the menstrual cycle of a woman. This allows you to calculate the beginning of the next regul. Normal menstrual cycle is the cycle of 28 to 35 days, counting from the first day of menstruation.

Speaking of the signs preceding the appearance of the regul, you can mark and other symptoms associated with certain sensations women. Interestingly, these symptoms occur in all women differently, but may not appear at all.

One of the most common signs of approaching menstruation breast pain. Women's Breasts 1-2 weeks before menstrual period slightly increases, it becomes more sensitive and "heavy". Sometimes when touching the breast of a woman experiencing pain.

A few days before the onset of menstruation on the face can appear pimples that usually take place immediately after menstruation. A couple of days before menstruation or the first day of the cycle the woman has pain in the lower abdomen, and the abdomen became slightly swollen. It should be noted that pain every woman is manifested individually.

Many women before the regulation point the following symptoms: fatigue, apathy, depression, General lethargy, tearfulness, distraction. Some women due to hormonal changes in the body before or during menstruation experiencing frequent changes of mood: aggression laughter and sadness.
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