Ovulation occurs mid - cycle 70% of women. For them the definition of favorable for conception day is easy. If you enter this category and the interval between periods have lasted 28-30 days, the maturation of the egg will occur about 14-15 days from the beginning of the cycle. Sexual intimacy these days often ends pregnancy.
The above method is not very reliable, since under the influence of various factors, the cycle may become shorter or longer. To predict in advance its duration is impossible, so pay attention to the changes happening in your body. At the time of ovulation can cause discomfort in the lower abdomen. Many women find increased libido.
During ovulation, the discharge becomes more abundant. Many women say that their resemblance to egg white. If this symptom coincided with the above, most likely ovulation is about to happen.
Buy tests to determine ovulation. They can be used to track favorable for conception day. At a standard length of cycle is 28 days, start testing on the 11th and 12th day from the last menstrual period. For 24-48 hours before ovulation test shows a positive result.
Every morning after you Wake up, measure the temperature. Most reliable rectally. In the first phase of the cycle the temperature is usually kept at around 36,6-36,7°With, in the period of ovulation is marked decreasing to 36.2-36.5°C. On the next day after the temperature rises to 36.9-37,2°C.
Since 5-7 day of cycle do folliculometry. In fact it is a normal ultrasound of the pelvic organs, but it the doctor monitors the maturation of follicle dynamics. Pass the study through the day for as long as the doctor can determine ovulation.