You will need
  • - the calendar for the current year;
  • - pen (markers).
The cycle is the period from the beginning of one menstruation to the beginning of another. The first day of the menstrual cycle is the first day of bleeding, the last day - the last day before the next menstruation.

The normal cycle lasts 21-35 days, ideally 28 days. As a rule, the duration of menstruation is 3-7 days.

Menstruation start to go from age nine to fifteen years. It depends on physiology, race, diet, genetic factors and exercise. For the first time (from one year up to five years) it is possible that the loop will run irregularly, to the formation of the reproductive system of the female body.
Keep a diary of critical days. Take a monthly calendar and mark the beginning and end of menstruation. With the help of markers, marking the start and end dates monthly, paint circles in a darker or lighter color depending on the abundance of the secretions.
If you don't keep a diary calendar, you will need to remember: the start date and end month in the previous period, and the duration of your menstrual cycle.
To the date of the last menstruation, add the duration of the menstrual cycle in days and get the date of the next menstruation. If, after the proposed start date of menstruation has been more than two weeks, but menstruation did not come is considered a delay.
In case of delayed menstruation, consult a doctor. He will examine and will direct the delivery of necessary tests. Perhaps you are pregnant and will soon become a mother, and it is possible that after receiving the test results, the doctor will prescribe drugs that will regulate the cycle.
Menstrual disorders can be change its duration, duration of menstruation or blood loss. Then on consultation to the gynecologist!