Advice 1: How to count start of the cycle

Menstrual cycle every woman lasts different, is that the cycle slips. Violation of the cycle may cause the medications that lead to hormonal failure. The absence of menstruation may occur in those cases when the woman became pregnant or ill. It is therefore important to track the delay of menstruation.
How to count start of the cycle
You will need
  • - the calendar for the current year;
  • - pen (markers).
The cycle is the period from the beginning of one menstruation to the beginning of another. The first day of the menstrual cycle is the first day of bleeding, the last day - the last day before the next menstruation.

The normal cycle lasts 21-35 days, ideally 28 days. As a rule, the duration of menstruation is 3-7 days.

Menstruation start to go from age nine to fifteen years. It depends on physiology, race, diet, genetic factors and exercise. For the first time (from one year up to five years) it is possible that the loop will run irregularly, to the formation of the reproductive system of the female body.
Keep a diary of critical days. Take a monthly calendar and mark the beginning and end of menstruation. With the help of markers, marking the start and end dates monthly, paint circles in a darker or lighter color depending on the abundance of the secretions.
If you don't keep a diary calendar, you will need to remember: the start date and end month in the previous period, and the duration of your menstrual cycle.
To the date of the last menstruation, add the duration of the menstrual cycle in days and get the date of the next menstruation. If, after the proposed start date of menstruation has been more than two weeks, but menstruation did not come is considered a delay.
In case of delayed menstruation, consult a doctor. He will examine and will direct the delivery of necessary tests. Perhaps you are pregnant and will soon become a mother, and it is possible that after receiving the test results, the doctor will prescribe drugs that will regulate the cycle.
Menstrual disorders can be change its duration, duration of menstruation or blood loss. Then on consultation to the gynecologist!
The risk of menstrual disorders increases five times if you smoke.
Useful advice
Calendar of critical days is recommended to all women of reproductive age.

Advice 2: How to count the delay

Female menstrual cycle slips sometimes as the result of any disease. The lack of menstruation is also the first sign of pregnancy. The medication can cause hormonal imbalance and disorders of the cycle. In any case, it is important to know what day you need to consider the delay of menstruation.
How to count the delay
In order to always be ready for the beginning of menstruation, do not be lazy to keep a diary of "red days". Take your calendar and mark it the start day and the end date monthly. You can also specify there is a profusion of discharge, painting the circles darker or lighter. These observations need to be conducted in six months. Only then will create the correct pattern of your menstrual cycle.
If you like this calendar is not yet started, you have to remember, when last month you started and ended your period. How many days usually lasted your cycle? Twenty? Twenty-five? Add the number of days to the day, when did your last period. You will receive a date when your menstruation is supposed to begin this month. If it's been more than two weeks, and "red days" did not come - you have the real latency.
What to do in this case? To self-medicate is not necessary, consult a doctor. He will appoint all the necessary tests, conduct examinations and prescribe medications that regulate the menstrual cycle.
But if you and your husband work on procreation, then you have likely succeeded. To make sure of pregnancy, get a test. In the morning, when the concentration of urine above analysis. Saw two cherished stripes? Congratulations, you will soon become a mother! Don't delay a visit to the obstetrician - gynecologist. The sooner you attach to the antenatal clinic, the more likely it is to carry and give birth to a healthy baby.
In any case, disruptions in the menstrual cycle should not remain without your attention. If the monthly no more than two weeks, do not delay your visit to a specialist. Do not rely on "maybe". Proper and timely treatment will help to quickly cope with the diseases of the sexual sphere, and ensure a long and full life to the female body.
How to count <strong>delay</strong>

Advice 3: How to count menstruation

The menstrual cycle is regular bleeding from the uterus in women who have reached puberty. Women should follow the regularity of menstruation and the duration of the cycle, this can help with a simple calendar.
How to count menstruation

Why do I need to count the days of menstruation

In the course of the monthly cycle Mature egg moves through the fallopian tubes to the uterus. If fertilization has occurred, it is removed from the body along with blood and mucous of the uterus. Promote uterine contractions hormones, they cause spasms of the blood vessels. Physiological processes in a woman's body are inextricably linked with the menstrual cycle: the peak occurs during PMS (premenstrual syndrome), and the decline occurs during menstruation. These changes occur even in healthy women: they have a changing body temperature, thyroid activity, structure of the mammary glands, changing breathing and blood pressure. Normally, the first period coming in 12-14 years. Earlier and later menstruation evidence of problems in the body.
Before menstruation, many women suffer mood swings, malaise, irritability.

Women should monitor menstrual cycle for many reasons, for example, that period wasn't a surprise. For women planning pregnancy calendar monthly needto calculate the days favorable for conception. If pregnancy is not included in the plans, this calendar will help it: abstinence during the ovulation period from unprotected sex is one of the safest for women's health contraceptive methods. If a woman is constantly engaged in such a calendar, and watching the cycle duration, delay or early onset of menstruation will not remain without attention. This will allow time to consult a doctor to avoid more serious problems.

How to count menstruation

The best way to keep a menstrual calendar and record the date when it starts bleeding, as this will be the first day of the cycle. When will be marked the dates of two cycles, count the number of days between them. It would be correct to assume, from the day when the first cycle until the day before the next menstruation (inclusive). You also need to fix and finish dates of bleeding. Normal period should last three to seven days.
Ideally, the menstrual cycle corresponds to the moon is 28 days.

On average, the menstrual cycle can last 28-35 days. If periods are coming more often than once in twenty-one days or less than thirty-five days, or their duration is non-standard, it is considered a pathology requiring treatment to a gynecologist. If examinations and tests showed no presence of the disease, may be in breach of the cycle was caused by temporary circumstances. To delay or reduce the time of menstruation can emotional overload, stress, fatigue.
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