You need to mentally prepare for the process of the onset of the first menstruation. Usually it is around 11-16, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. So my period can come at 14, and someone first menstruation occurs only in 17. The first menstruation is also called menarche.
If your period is a long time coming, and all signs say that it is time to begin, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. After examination, the doctor can determine the cause and predict the approximate age of the first menstruation.
The most common fears of the onset of the first menstruation include: fear of pain during menstruation, the fear of losing too much blood, a doubt before the selection of hygienic means and others.
First period is a mandatory period in the body of healthy girls. Most girls are afraid of pain in the lower abdomen, back, chest during the onset of menstruation. However, not every girl menstruation is painful. It is worth remembering that pain during normal menstruation, when present, it is quite tolerable. In extreme cases, a gynecologist will prescribe pain medication that will help to better endure the subsequent period.
Don't worry about the amount of blood loss. Generally, the amount monthly for the time cycle is not more than 100 ml in order to exclude any bleeding, you should refrain from taking hot baths, Hiking in the bath, high physical stress. In all other respects, in the case of wellbeing, the girl can lead a normal lifestyle.
Menstruation itself lasts from two to seven days, but during the first menstrual period a possible exception. Thus, the first period may continue and one day and eight. Should have a calendar in which to celebrate the onset of menstruation, duration, and also to special notes. This information will be required on reception at the gynecologist.
Mandatory personal hygiene during menstruation that includes: receiving showering and changing hygiene products. In quality tools is recommended to choose strip. But it's worth noting that gynecologists are not forbidden to use tampons during the first period. The main thing in any of these options, to choose the right size and type of sanitary protection.
Two weeks before the start of the first menstruation, the girl can shift premenstrual syndrome. It is characterized by: increased irritability, tearfulness, frequent mood swings, fatigue and breast tenderness. These symptoms totally normal, which suggests that in the body there is a reorganization of a hormonal background.
It is also possible the appearance of pimples and acne, but do not worry, because they will disappear after menstruation will take place. It is recommended to clean the skin lotion and wash gel, in order to clean it from dust and excess sebum. Should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink juices, because in this period the growing body especially the necessary vitamins.