What temperature are less dangerous for the child

Many experts are convinced that the lowest temperature in children is in the morning and from 16 to 18 hours is the highest. Even more noticeable difference in temperature during their vacation or active holidays. After the children run, the temperature may be as high as 37 o C.

Known fact that at a temperature of from 37 to 38оС shall not take any action and, especially, to give antipyretic drugs. The fact that at this temperature the body can fight infection. In the case when the phenomenon lasts more than two days, you should already start to lower the temperature and seek medical attention.

What temperature to bring down the child

It is worth considering that the body's response to temperature rise is individual, but especially dangerous for a child are considered to be 40oC and above. At a temperature 41os children begin the process of bonding red blood cells and disorders of metabolic processes in tissues.

There are situations where immediately is to bring down the temperature of the kids: raising the temperature to 38.5 ° C; the presence of signs of respiratory distress; convulsions; fever, which is accompanied by nausea or vomiting; children start to give up liquid, which can involve the dehydration. When these symptoms should immediately call the pediatrician at the house, in order to examine your children and prescribed treatment.

How to reduce the temperature of a child

There are a few ways that help to reduce the temperature of young children: antipyretic drugs "Nurofen", "Panadol" or "Paracetamol"; preference can be given rectally (suppositories or enemas), especially when patients vomiting or when they are not even one year; the maintenance of a cool temperature in the room; drinks with a sour taste (juice, tea with lemon or compote); rubbing kids with a solution of water with vodka or vinegar. After this procedure kids it is better to keep naked or cover with a thin sheet. Do not expect, of course, that the temperature will immediately drop to normal will be sufficient that the indicators for the beginning of fall to 1 or 1.5 degrees. Every parent should remember that all drugs should be given to kids solely on prescription!