Body temperature in newborns is the norm

Body temperature in infants is an important indicator of his condition. It depends on the majority of factors, both external and internal – ambient temperature, air humidity, condition of the system of internal thermoregulation. Babies up to 3 months self-regulation of body temperature is not yet as effective as in adults. Babies very quickly freeze or, conversely, to overheat.

The main task of parents at this period for a child to create the most comfortable conditions of life. But it is worth considering that kids up to 3 months the reason for the increase in temperature is not always the development of infectious processes, it can be very hot and the air in the room, a large number of put on the child warm clothes, colic or persistent crying.

The normal body temperature in a child varies from 37 to 37.2 degrees Celsius. Of course, these figures are considered average and are more suitable for babies born healthy. There are times when even a fully healthy children in the first days of life may experience small fluctuations in temperature up to 39 degrees. And it will not be considered a symptom of disease, often this is simply because the body can not immediately adapt to life outside the womb.

The measurement of body temperature of the newborn

To measure the body temperature of a child are used three main ways: oral (thermometer under the tongue), rectal (temperature is measured in the anus) and in the armpits. Of course, in each case, the temperature will be different. For the armpits the norm will figure 36-37,3 degrees, in the rectum is 36.9-37.5 degrees, and in the mouth (under the tongue)– 36,6-37,5 degrees.

To measure the temperature of the newborn is not so simple. The complexity of the process may be exacerbated by the need to learn a more accurate result, as the decrease or increase in temperature is an important symptom of developing the disease. The most accurate and convenient method of measuring body temperature baby rectal is considered when a thermometer inserted into the rectum.

Low body temperature newborn

Low body temperature in a child often indicates hypothermia or General weakness of the body. But it is worth remembering that during sleep the human body temperature is lower than during the activity. One should not panic if the indicator of the thermometer is one degree more than the norm in the absence of noticeable changes in behavior or mood of the baby. If the baby is lethargic, does not respond to external stimuli, giving up food and constantly crying, should immediately consult a doctor.