Causes and symptoms of high temperature

It is very important to monitor the behavior of the newborn in order to determine the presence of health problems. When the temperature of the body the baby starts to sulk and cry for no apparent reason. Also impaired appetite.

These signs may be a result of serious illness or the common cold. The most common causes are viral infection, allergic reaction, banal overheating of the body, various disorders of the endocrine system, etc. the Diagnosis determines experienced pediatrician after examination of the child.

To measure temperature, it is necessary to observe some simple rules:
- when measuring temperature in the mouth or rectum indicators will be slightly higher than in the armpit;
- do not place the thermometer immediately after walking, bathing or feeding, as the indicators will be higher.

Effective means at an elevated temperature

At monthly age the child's body not able to fight infections and viruses. It is considered that it is only necessary to bring down the temperature above 38.5 OS. Of course, it all depends on the baby, because some fairly easily tolerate high temperature, and some cramps already at 38оС. Choice of antipyretic is recommended to trust the specialist, but before his arrival, the need to ease the condition of the baby.

If redness of the skin is necessary to ensure delivery to the room of fresh air, but without draught. It is also advisable to open it, allowing you to normalize the heat exchange process. As drink it is recommended to give preference to clean water, as the body of the newborn is not suited to other drinks.

For faster lowering the temperature help wet wiping. On the forehead you can apply a cool cloth, which must continually change. Special attention should be given to axillary cavities, wrists, inguinal folds, popliteal region, as there are main blood vessels.

Any drugs should appoint a pediatrician, given the age of the baby. Usually in the age of one month prescribed rectal candles with a minimum dosage. Syrups with flavors can cause an allergic reaction in a newborn.