Standard normal human body temperature is considered to 36,6 OS. A person with a low temperature can be 35 and even 33 degrees. Often, it also get cold hands and feet, there is lethargy and apathy (but not all). The cause of this condition may be an illness, reaction to medications taken, low immunity, low hemoglobin level, impaired function of the thyroid gland. In some women, the temperature drops after birth.

Some experts believe that the reduced body temperature is normal, and is not a flaw, but rather contributes to the overall health and longevity as the result of a slow metabolism. So many "cool" people say that they look much younger than their years and seem to others. This situation may last for years. Sometimes lower body temperature is associated with the commitment to vegetarianism.

Probably each case should be considered individually since some people have low temperature are stable, and they feel good and fatigue do not feel, do not freeze even in the cold. Others, meanwhile, feel overwhelmed and tired, and the temperature of the body can constantly fluctuate. This includes the concept of "termometros" vegetative - vascular dystonia, accompanied by violation of thermoregulation. In such cases the doctors advise to lead a healthy and active way of life, to toughen up, exercise, eat well and take vitamins, avoid stress.

To exclude the possibility of any diseases should visit a doctor (General practitioner, neurologist, endocrinologist), blood tests. And then on the basis of the survey results and their own feelings, you can decide whether or not you have low temperature manifestation of the disease or a normal variant.