In the first week, and if the child premature, born with malnutrition and in the case of a difficult birth, within two weeks, the body temperature varies in the range of 36.8-37.4 per OS. If the body temperature rises above 37.8 C OS, you first need to check whether it is hot baby. Dense, layered clothing, warm hat, two pairs of socks – excessive security measure to the space without drafts. Not being able to regulate temperature, the body heats itself, as a result, the child becomes hot. It is necessary to dress it adequately, and the state of the baby within half an hour comes back to normal. The temperature rise immediately after a meal, after crying or screaming.
After bathing and after sleep, especially if baby sleeps next to mom, the temperature also increases. It is noticed that after a long cry, for example because of the colic, the thermometer can show even 38,3 OS. With a full diaper or diaper that is picked up is not under the child's body temperature can also rise. Disposable diaper with covers almost a third of the skin, it is expected that this part of the skin is involved in thermoregulation. If the house is very hot, give up diapers, at least for a period of wakefulness of the kid.
In the first two months of any action for the child is accompanied by stress. This also applies to natural items. Baby and straining during bowel movements, and urination. When you try to lift the head involves many muscles. This raises the body temperature. If the kid feels well, has no cough no sneezing, no wheezing breath, no rash on the body, there is no delay urination, no blue lips and nasolabial triangle, he never refuses food, there is no discharge from nose, intermittent fever is not considered dangerous. Check, not too warmly dressed child, air the room and after half an hour measure the temperature again.
After vaccination the body temperature can rise above 38оС. This is a normal phenomenon. If the child feels well, antipyretics do not need to give. At temperatures above 38.5 OS should be given antipyretic drug and inform the doctor about a sharp increase in body temperature after vaccination. Measure the temperature should not be immediately after bathing, massage, sleep, dressing, walking, defecation, playing games with the child. After a meal or after even a short crying too, you cannot thermometry. If you need to for medical or personal decision to measure the temperature of the newborn or the child's first year of life twice a day, try to choose a time when baby is calm, smiling, do not exhibit hyperactivity or anxiety.