You will need
  • soft rag or sponge;
  • - foam detergent for cleaning shoes;
  • - crepe Shoe brush;
  • - one raw egg;
  • - 0.5 Cup of milk;
  • petrol and a little magnesia;
  • - for suede – a glass of warm water, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.
Clean shoes from street dirt. Do this every time you come into the room. Depending on the material from which made shoes, do one of the following:
for smooth skin use a soft cloth, it should be dry. Apply the foamy detergent on the rag, it will help keep the color of the shoes in the cleaning process;
- brushed white leather clean with a crepe brush, it will keep the texture of the fabric. If the brushes are not at hand will be, use the eraser for leather or a special sponge.
- white shoes of natural or embossed leather clean only by special means with special sponges for a textured surface;
- if shoes are suede, brush it over steam brush, specially provided for this material.
First try to clean the shoes gentle method, prepare a mixture for purification of natural products. Highlight of raw eggs protein shake and mix it with half glass of milk. The resulting mixture was put on a soft sponge and gentle circular movements wipe the surface of the product. In addition to cleaning, this procedure will keep for a long time the white color of the Shoe.
For removing old or stubborn stains, use gasoline. Pour a small amount into a separate container and add some powder magnesia. Dampen a soft cloth in the solution and wipe the shoes. If the stain is ingrained in the suede surface, mix one glass of warm water with one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and the same amount of ammonia. Clean the shoes, soak a cotton wool in this solution and gently clean the shoes. When the surface is dry, lift the pile eraser for suede.