You will need
  • - rags;
  • cream for footwear;
  • - spreads;
  • - brush for polishing;
  • - polishing cloth (woolen fabric);
  • - milk;
  • vegetable and castor oil;
  • - raw egg white;
  • - turpentine.
Ask seller a Shoe store. It will help you to choose the right cream for your shoes. Ideally, this should be done in conjunction with the purchase of a new pair. For the cold season are usually recommended thick creams based on organic solvent and fat – they clean and nourish leather and imitation leather, repel moisture and dust. For spring and summer is better to choose water-based liquid remedy – it acts milder, while polishing the product and allows it to "breathe".
Remove all dirt from the surface of the shoes with a damp cloth, then wipe the product dry and docusate at room temperature. If your favorite shoes or boots have completely lost the natural Shine, clean them with a mixture of turpentine and milk (25 g to 2.5 g). Rubber boots and galoshes can be washed in warm water.
Take a special brush for applying Shoe cream ("spreads") or a cotton swab. Apply to the skin a small layer of cleaning products. In places that are subjected to greater wear (heels, toes, bends), you should put more of the cream.
Start cleaning shoes in the evening, in the morning to start polishing. Then a protective layer of cream will have time thoroughly to absorb into the pores of the Shoe material. If you want to Polish the product in a short period of time, let the first layer of funds to dry up for at least 5-10 minutes.
Proceed to process products with the polishing brush or soft fleecy fabric (wool, polishing cloth). Make rubbing in a circular motion. When the surface glistens a little, put on her new (thinner) layer of cream and proceed. It should be already less than to press the brush (cloth) to wipe impregnated layer cleaning products.
Polish the footwear until it glistens. Each time put a smaller layer of cream and grated exert less effort. Once again carefully wipe each piece with a clean cloth.
Carefully clean and Polish patent leather models to their glossy surface not cracked. Use only rags, not brushes. Before polishing, wipe the shoes by the milk, oil castor oil before you peel it to perfection. Cream buy only a special lacquer for Shoe materials. It is water-based and moisturizes the delicate surface without destroying it.
Rubber boots grate with vegetable oil – enough so they glistened. Products of white skin from time to time wipe a mixture of warm milk and beaten egg whites – this will help them to preserve the color. To disguise small cracks and scuffs, pick a colored cream just in tone.
If you have little time for major polishing shoes, use a sponge with silicone oil. She quickly cleans the leather surface and give it a Shine. However, this is a temporary measure – it does not hide the scuffs, the silicone will quickly absorb the dust. An alternative could be the so-called samoletami composition. It should be applied to the Shoe material in a thin layer in the evening and by morning it's absorbed. Boots and shoes will Shine without any effort on your part.