First consider the weight of Luggage. For transportation, one travel document (ticket) was adopted by the cargo no more than 200 kg weight. If there is a need to transport cargo heavier, you need to order a shipping container.
Second, consider the type of Luggage. Not authorized for carriage of items, the weight of one less than 10kg or more than 75kg. For example, one ticket is only allowed to have one refrigerator or a gas stove.
In the baggage car also is possible to transport small Pets without a reloadof the CI journey, however, they will need a veterinary certificate on health status. Remember, feeding animals in transit are not the responsibility of railway workers.
Food products in the Luggage compartment are transported under the responsibility of the sender, as conditions for storage of perishable products in the baggage wagons, of course not.
Third – make sure in advance about packing. Each piece of Luggage must have a packaging which will ensure the safety of the cargoand devices that will carry the load withthe loadke and youloadke.
After completing the above items, proceed to the baggage.
To deliver the goods in two ways:
Directly to the baggage car, where by presenting a travel document will be issued a baggage receipt.
In the Luggage compartment, also with a travel document which is issued a baggage receipt. Luggage can be taken in advance, however, in this case, you will have to pay some amount for storage.
The baggage claim is at the final station of the route of the passenger and sent the Luggage. To retrieve the goodsand hand baggage check, identification document and travel ticket (this is mandatory). Please note that free arrived the Luggage is stored at the destination station only 24 hours.