Before you enroll, be sure to have ready the following documents.

- passport
- copy of page with personal data of the passport,
copies of significant pages of Russian passports
- visa application filled online,
- 2 photos of the established sample,
- hotel booking or invitation
- tickets to the country
- travel medical insurance
- reference from place of work,
- Bank account statement.

If you want to submit documents directly to the Embassy or Consulate General of Germany, the application form should be filled online, the paper will not be accepted. To fill out the online application you need in English or German.

On completing the questionnaire is allocated 10 minutes, if you exceed this time, the page will automatically reload and the data will be lost. So if you need more time to fill, should be for each page to click "to save it in computer memory". When you are finished, select the menu item "print". The website will form a completed form of the questionnaire, consisting of four pages, and another sheet that contains a bar code, which encrypted all your data.

The form must be printed on two sheets from two sides, and a sheet with bar-code – separately. It is also useful when applying. After printing the application form must not forget to sign.

If you when filling out the questionnaire did something wrong, but have already sent an application to amend the already printed paper forms with electronic form. To do this, neatly cross out the incorrect information and write the correct information next. You can't use a proofreader or putty. Near every patch to be signed.

The entry to the Embassy

Submission of documents to the Embassy is only possible in person or through accredited travel Agency. The services of intermediaries and trusted individuals to use will not work (it is allowed only at the visa application centers).

To make an appointment at the visa section of the Embassy of Germany in Moscow, it is necessary to call by phones +7(499) 681-1365 or +7(499) 426-0325. The call is free. Work time line: 8:30 to 17:00 on working days. You should tell the operator the date and purpose of the planned visit, and indicate how many people will be filed, if the application is made to the group. It is also possible to schedule a visit to the Embassy on the website of Germany visa application centre.

If you are late to a visit to the visa section of the Embassy more than an hour, the documents will not be accepted for consideration. If the application group, the maximum time delay is 30 minutes.