For your guestbook appearance or a work or business visa you need a valid invitation with the guarantee that the German side assumes all costs associated with your stay in this country. So if you want to visit Germany, please make arrangements with friends, relatives, employer or business partner about the invitation.
Please note: the invitation must be given not only the goals and dates, but also details on both sides. So pobespokoytes that he who invites you, will be able to properly execute all documents. It is best if you send to Germany apostilirovaniyu a copy of your passport or the passport.
Find out which of the consular districts of your region. Figure it out, turning on one of the pages of the German Embassy in Russia:
If you are planning to visit Germany with a guest or business visits for no more than 90 days, you will be enough to issue a Schengen visa. However, before collecting documents, please call the Secretariat of the Consulate and make an appointment, putting your phone number, zip code, home address, data of Russian and foreign passports.
At the Consulate you need to submit along with the application form the following documents:

- passport (and, if applicable, previous passport);
- certified copies of all relevant pages of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
- 2 color photos 3,5×4,5;
- statements from the Bank and/or credit card in the last six months, issued at least 2 weeks before treatment, or traveler's checks;
- a certified copy of the certificate on the conclusion/termination of the marriage;
- certified copies of the certificate on the property;
- a certificate from the employer indicating salary and position.

Booked a ticket is not required for the submission document.
If you are in the journey, leave elderly relatives, they will need to submit a certified copy of the pension certificate specifying the amount of the benefit. The child can take a trip only with the consent of both parents, including documents and certified copy of his birth certificate.
For a working trip and travel to Germany for more than 90 days, you will need a national visa. To get it, you must first contact the Consulate and fill out a questionnaire. Since the form is subsequently sent to Germany to the office concerned, the aliens, fill it in German language. In the case of a positive decision, submit to the Consulate a similar package of documents, as well as an invitation from the employer.