A passport which valid for no less than 90 days after the end date of the requested visa. The passport must contain the personal signature of the applicant. Make sure that the passport found 2 empty piece of paper for sticking the visa and the stamp edge dies. First page of the passport (which contains the holder's personal data) should be photocopied and attached to the documents.
Russian passport (original) and copy of pages that contain information on registration and personal data of the person. If the passport is stamped on issuance of the passport, it is necessary to make a copy of this page too.
Printed and filled application form. To print the form you need from both sides. You can write or in Russian, or German, is allowed as writing information by hand, and filling in on the computer. The request form can be downloaded online or obtained at the Consulate or visa center of Germany. On the fourth page of the questionnaire contains the law about the stay in Germany, it is necessary to sign.
To the application form, attach 2 photographs, colour, size 35x45 mm. One card stick to the application form and second attach to documents, not forgetting to sign it: on the reverse side indicate the number of your passport.
Tourists should make printouts of hotel booking for the duration of your stay, and for those traveling on a private visit – invitation from a resident of Germany, written in German language. Requirements for invitation are slightly different in different consulates of the country, so additionally check this point exactly where you intend to apply for. Please also attach a copy of your passport or ID card of the person who invites you.
Certificate of employment indicating position and salary, issued on the letterhead. It must be stated that a leave or he was going on a business trip, without losing workplace. If you are a disabled retiree, please attach a copy of the pension certificate (original take). Students and pupils will need to show certificates from educational institutions.
The Bank account statement, which should include an amount not less than the rate of 50 euros for each day of the trip. If you pay your trip yourself, attach a sponsorship letter from the person who takes care of all the expenses, in this case, still need help with his work and statement of his Bank account.
If you have a property a car, real estate, or any securities, apply the certificates to prove it. For those who are married or have children, you need to show evidence of this. That's all you need to prove that you have good reasons not to stay in Germany and return home.
A printout of the ticket booking site in the country or a photocopy of the tickets if they are already your hand.
Medical insurance policy, the amount of coverage of not less than 30 thousand euros, the validity period is the duration of the trip.