Advice 1: What documents are needed for visa to Germany

Visa to Germany belongs to the Schengen, so the receipt gives you the right to also move and all other countries of the Schengen agreement. To obtain a German visa to citizens of Russia need to collect the documents.
What documents are needed for visa to Germany
A passport which valid for no less than 90 days after the end date of the requested visa. The passport must contain the personal signature of the applicant. Make sure that the passport found 2 empty piece of paper for sticking the visa and the stamp edge dies. First page of the passport (which contains the holder's personal data) should be photocopied and attached to the documents.
Russian passport (original) and copy of pages that contain information on registration and personal data of the person. If the passport is stamped on issuance of the passport, it is necessary to make a copy of this page too.
Printed and filled application form. To print the form you need from both sides. You can write or in Russian, or German, is allowed as writing information by hand, and filling in on the computer. The request form can be downloaded online or obtained at the Consulate or visa center of Germany. On the fourth page of the questionnaire contains the law about the stay in Germany, it is necessary to sign.
To the application form, attach 2 photographs, colour, size 35x45 mm. One card stick to the application form and second attach to documents, not forgetting to sign it: on the reverse side indicate the number of your passport.
Tourists should make printouts of hotel booking for the duration of your stay, and for those traveling on a private visit – invitation from a resident of Germany, written in German language. Requirements for invitation are slightly different in different consulates of the country, so additionally check this point exactly where you intend to apply for. Please also attach a copy of your passport or ID card of the person who invites you.
Certificate of employment indicating position and salary, issued on the letterhead. It must be stated that a leave or he was going on a business trip, without losing workplace. If you are a disabled retiree, please attach a copy of the pension certificate (original take). Students and pupils will need to show certificates from educational institutions.
The Bank account statement, which should include an amount not less than the rate of 50 euros for each day of the trip. If you pay your trip yourself, attach a sponsorship letter from the person who takes care of all the expenses, in this case, still need help with his work and statement of his Bank account.
If you have a property a car, real estate, or any securities, apply the certificates to prove it. For those who are married or have children, you need to show evidence of this. That's all you need to prove that you have good reasons not to stay in Germany and return home.
A printout of the ticket booking site in the country or a photocopy of the tickets if they are already your hand.
Medical insurance policy, the amount of coverage of not less than 30 thousand euros, the validity period is the duration of the trip.
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According to the rules of the Schengen countries, a transit visa is issued on the same grounds, and explore the only difference is that you need to confirm your ongoing travel and not stay in Germany.

Advice 2 : How to get a visa to Germany without an invitation

According to Rosstat, in the last two years, Germany occupies the fifth place by number of arrivals of Russians. And from countries to which Russians need a visa, and does the second place after Finland. In 2010, nearly 400 thousands of our compatriots have visited this wonderful country. And most of them arrive in Germany alone, ie without the help of tourist companies: self book a hotel, buy tickets for transportation, medical insurance, make out the visa. In this regard, let us examine step by step, on the example of Moscow, what actions should I take to get the coveted pass into Germany, and at the same time in all countries-participants of the Schengen agreement.
How to get a visa to Germany without an invitation
The first thing to do after you have decided to visit Germanyis to schedule an appointment for submission of documents to the German Consulate. To do this, first determine which jurisdiction applies in your locality. This information is contained on the official website of the Embassy of Germany in Russia
Furthermore, knowing in which city you will need to apply for visa on the homepage of the website of your County looking see Visa: General information". There are telephones on which you can schedule an appointment for submission of documents: I must say that in Moscow it is possible to schedule an appointment for submission of documents and free personally came to the consular-legal Department of the German Embassy in Moscow.
Now you have several weeks to prepare a package of documents. The type of visa you will have – Schengen trip: "Tourist trip, non-reserved through a travel Agency". Be sure to read the General instructions on the procedure of issuing visas and documents for a Schengen visa (stay up to three months): .
The list of required documents is located on the site of their consular district, because in different counties it is slightly different. A list for those who belong to the Department of the German Embassy in Moscow:
Then methodically collected all the documents on the list. There are several bottlenecks in this process.
When filling out the application form strictly follow the instructions posted on the website. The photo to the questionnaire make clear, in accordance with the template available on the website of the Embassy. Don't forget to sign the application! If you fill out the form for a minor child, the form of it should be signed by both parents. Second parent may not sign the application only if he gave his notarized consent to travel abroad.Reference from work, Bank statements should be issued not more than 15-30 days prior to interview date (depending on the consular district). Purchase a medical insurance policy, valid throughout the Schengen Union with coverage amount not less than 30,000 euros.If you go to Germany by car and therefore can't issue a ticket to Germany, you will need to provide the passport of the vehicle (vehicle) and insurance "Green card" valid in all the Schengen States.As you drive in Germany, not by invitation, as proof of accommodation provide hotel booking/hotels clearly on the number of nights that you request. If you leave the country you plan night, just in case I request a visa for one night more (could be bad weather, for example), thus explaining, why are you on this night, not booked a hotel.
With a complete set of documents you must come to the Consulate at the appointed time to that window in which you recorded. Can't be late more than 30 minutes. The security guard will call you by name. At the entrance to the Consulate, take in the terminal, the voucher number of your turn. Go to the window, which lit up your room. Surrender the documents in return you will be given a voucher of a certain color to obtain a passport. Pay the consular fee (35 euros per person, children under 6 years – free).
Come for the documents at the appointed time in the window that you specified to obtain. In front of this window there will be several lines for the color of the voucher. Find the queue with "their" color of the card. Get documents and visa.
The entry for filing fee - at least 230 p. for the first two minutes for each subsequent - 115 R.

Advice 3 : How to get documents to travel to Germany

To visit Germany, you need a tourist, visitor, working or business visa. And if a tourist visa is more or less clear: it typically provides the tour operator is in process of obtaining other types of visas, you may encounter a number of difficulties.
How to get documents to travel to Germany
For your guestbook appearance or a work or business visa you need a valid invitation with the guarantee that the German side assumes all costs associated with your stay in this country. So if you want to visit Germany, please make arrangements with friends, relatives, employer or business partner about the invitation.
Please note: the invitation must be given not only the goals and dates, but also details on both sides. So pobespokoytes that he who invites you, will be able to properly execute all documents. It is best if you send to Germany apostilirovaniyu a copy of your passport or the passport.
Find out which of the consular districts of your region. Figure it out, turning on one of the pages of the German Embassy in Russia:
If you are planning to visit Germany with a guest or business visits for no more than 90 days, you will be enough to issue a Schengen visa. However, before collecting documents, please call the Secretariat of the Consulate and make an appointment, putting your phone number, zip code, home address, data of Russian and foreign passports.
At the Consulate you need to submit along with the application form the following documents:

- passport (and, if applicable, previous passport);
- certified copies of all relevant pages of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
- 2 color photos 3,5×4,5;
- statements from the Bank and/or credit card in the last six months, issued at least 2 weeks before treatment, or traveler's checks;
- a certified copy of the certificate on the conclusion/termination of the marriage;
- certified copies of the certificate on the property;
- a certificate from the employer indicating salary and position.

Booked a ticket is not required for the submission document.
If you are in the journey, leave elderly relatives, they will need to submit a certified copy of the pension certificate specifying the amount of the benefit. The child can take a trip only with the consent of both parents, including documents and certified copy of his birth certificate.
For a working trip and travel to Germany for more than 90 days, you will need a national visa. To get it, you must first contact the Consulate and fill out a questionnaire. Since the form is subsequently sent to Germany to the office concerned, the aliens, fill it in German language. In the case of a positive decision, submit to the Consulate a similar package of documents, as well as an invitation from the employer.

Advice 4 : How to enroll at the German Embassy

To make a visa through the Embassy of Germany is much more profitable than through the visa center, because it does not need to pay an additional fee for mediation. But the number of those wishing to make a visa through the Embassy can be quite large, sometimes you have to wait long for their turn.
How to enroll at the German Embassy
Before you enroll, be sure to have ready the following documents.

- passport
- copy of page with personal data of the passport,
copies of significant pages of Russian passports
- visa application filled online,
- 2 photos of the established sample,
- hotel booking or invitation
- tickets to the country
- travel medical insurance
- reference from place of work,
- Bank account statement.

If you want to submit documents directly to the Embassy or Consulate General of Germany, the application form should be filled online, the paper will not be accepted. To fill out the online application you need in English or German.

On completing the questionnaire is allocated 10 minutes, if you exceed this time, the page will automatically reload and the data will be lost. So if you need more time to fill, should be for each page to click "to save it in computer memory". When you are finished, select the menu item "print". The website will form a completed form of the questionnaire, consisting of four pages, and another sheet that contains a bar code, which encrypted all your data.

The form must be printed on two sheets from two sides, and a sheet with bar-code – separately. It is also useful when applying. After printing the application form must not forget to sign.

If you when filling out the questionnaire did something wrong, but have already sent an application to amend the already printed paper forms with electronic form. To do this, neatly cross out the incorrect information and write the correct information next. You can't use a proofreader or putty. Near every patch to be signed.

The entry to the Embassy

Submission of documents to the Embassy is only possible in person or through accredited travel Agency. The services of intermediaries and trusted individuals to use will not work (it is allowed only at the visa application centers).

To make an appointment at the visa section of the Embassy of Germany in Moscow, it is necessary to call by phones +7(499) 681-1365 or +7(499) 426-0325. The call is free. Work time line: 8:30 to 17:00 on working days. You should tell the operator the date and purpose of the planned visit, and indicate how many people will be filed, if the application is made to the group. It is also possible to schedule a visit to the Embassy on the website of Germany visa application centre.

If you are late to a visit to the visa section of the Embassy more than an hour, the documents will not be accepted for consideration. If the application group, the maximum time delay is 30 minutes.
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