You will need
  • A passport with a national or a Schengen visa, a work or school invitation, extracts from Russian or German banks about the availability on the account of sufficient funds, the statutory documents of the company for a business visa.
The most simple form of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Germany is moving on a national basis. If at least one of the parents was an ethnic German and is able to prove nationality is documented, children can obtain permanent residence and then citizenship of the country in a fairly quick time.
The second method is moving in the presence of close relatives of Jewish nationality (father or mother). Required are documents proving the nationality (birth certificate, passport, metrics, etc.). Germany accepts only relatives in the first generation (sons and daughters), repatriation grandchildren and great-grandchildren is impossible.
These two methods are the only option for obtaining permanent residence from Russia, without coming to Germany on a particular visa. Other options of emigration to Germany assume under a certain period of time for which you want to live in the country.
One of the most accessible to young people ways to relocate to Germany is training in one of the German universities or colleges. For admission to the University must pass the entrance exams on language learning (German, English), collect the Bank statement certifying the availability of funds for tuition and accommodation in Germany for the period of study.
If there is a positive response from the University, the Consulate issues a student visa, which can act to 1 year after graduation. While during this time in the country you can get a work visa or even residence permit.
It is very common for obtaining permanent residence in Germany are real or fictitious marriages. In the presence of a marriage certificate, provided three years of cohabitation, confirmed by the General accounts, you can apply for permanent residence and citizenship.
Quite expensive way to relocate to Germany is the opening of the company. This will require a Bank statement on the availability of funds, a business plan in German, the draft Treaty (or agreement) on the establishment of a business, certified copies of diplomas and other documents.
To obtain permanent residence in Germany under the program of the refugee the necessary documentary evidence of oppression, national, sexual, gender, religious or political grounds. Such evidence may include medical and criminal records (notarized and translated into German). When trying to obtain a residence permit through the program for the protection of refugees it is worth remembering that any deception in the securities and private conversation is easy to detect (in the case of fraud, the person loses the opportunity of entering the territory of Schengen for 10 years).