The first thing to do after you have decided to visit Germanyis to schedule an appointment for submission of documents to the German Consulate. To do this, first determine which jurisdiction applies in your locality. This information is contained on the official website of the Embassy of Germany in Russia
Furthermore, knowing in which city you will need to apply for visa on the homepage of the website of your County looking see Visa: General information". There are telephones on which you can schedule an appointment for submission of documents: I must say that in Moscow it is possible to schedule an appointment for submission of documents and free personally came to the consular-legal Department of the German Embassy in Moscow.
Now you have several weeks to prepare a package of documents. The type of visa you will have – Schengen trip: "Tourist trip, non-reserved through a travel Agency". Be sure to read the General instructions on the procedure of issuing visas and documents for a Schengen visa (stay up to three months): .
The list of required documents is located on the site of their consular district, because in different counties it is slightly different. A list for those who belong to the Department of the German Embassy in Moscow:
Then methodically collected all the documents on the list. There are several bottlenecks in this process.
When filling out the application form strictly follow the instructions posted on the website. The photo to the questionnaire make clear, in accordance with the template available on the website of the Embassy. Don't forget to sign the application! If you fill out the form for a minor child, the form of it should be signed by both parents. Second parent may not sign the application only if he gave his notarized consent to travel abroad.Reference from work, Bank statements should be issued not more than 15-30 days prior to interview date (depending on the consular district). Purchase a medical insurance policy, valid throughout the Schengen Union with coverage amount not less than 30,000 euros.If you go to Germany by car and therefore can't issue a ticket to Germany, you will need to provide the passport of the vehicle (vehicle) and insurance "Green card" valid in all the Schengen States.As you drive in Germany, not by invitation, as proof of accommodation provide hotel booking/hotels clearly on the number of nights that you request. If you leave the country you plan night, just in case I request a visa for one night more (could be bad weather, for example), thus explaining, why are you on this night, not booked a hotel.
With a complete set of documents you must come to the Consulate at the appointed time to that window in which you recorded. Can't be late more than 30 minutes. The security guard will call you by name. At the entrance to the Consulate, take in the terminal, the voucher number of your turn. Go to the window, which lit up your room. Surrender the documents in return you will be given a voucher of a certain color to obtain a passport. Pay the consular fee (35 euros per person, children under 6 years – free).
Come for the documents at the appointed time in the window that you specified to obtain. In front of this window there will be several lines for the color of the voucher. Find the queue with "their" color of the card. Get documents and visa.