You will need
  • - the passport;
  • - the job;
  • - copy of employment record;
  • - diplomas and degrees;
  • - insurance policy;
  • - certificate from the labor Agency.
Decide what kind of work you want to perform in Germany. Depends on the type of permission that you will need to get. There are three - to long-term, short-term work in au-pair - AU home.
Find an employer who is willing to employ you. This can be done through international recruitment Agency or by contacting the organization directly. For employment au-pair there are special sites, for example There you can find contacts of the host family and contact her. If both sides are satisfied, you will receive an invitation.
Gather the necessary documents. Apply for passport if not previously done so. You will need to contact the district office of the Federal migration service. You will also need to issue a contract of employment or to receive an invitation to work from the host organization. Additionally, the German employer should send you a certificate from the labor Agency, which agrees to the results you permission to work. Remember that all documents, except passports, must be translated into German language and notarized. Also, each paper need to make two copies.
Issue an insurance policy with validity of at least three months. This can be done in any large insurance company. Attach a copy of it to the rest of the documents. Also, take from the website of the Embassy and fill out the form for entering work. Print it in two copies and complete his picture.
Sign up for submission of documents to the Embassy of Germany. Them in Russia a few, you should choose the one that is closer to your place of residence.
Come at the appointed time to the Embassy personally with all the papers. Pay the fee, which is for 2011 60 Euro.
If a positive decision will receive the documents on the appointed day. Your passport will be affixed with special visas. For au-pairs and it will permitm to work. In other cases, after their arrival in Germany, you will need to contact the employer to clarify the need for further administrative procedures.