So, set a goal certainly to go to a German UNIVERSITY, first of all, select a course of study or specialty that you will comprehend after purchase. Note that in Germany you can study, in the truest sense of the word. However, remember that some of the specialty foreigners accept with great reluctance, because these faculties are usually popular and among the Germans themselves. This faculties studying medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, law, architecture, psychology, and biology.
Enrollment in a German UNIVERSITY may only test knowledge of the German language. Certificates DaF, DSH, KDS, GDS can be obtained directly at the chosen University in Russia, for example, in the Institute.Goethe in Moscow. The tests should be prepared in advance, treat them with the utmost seriousness. Fortunately, most Universities in Germany are free or low cost courses where you can brush up and practice my speech.
Select University or Institute. It is advisable to apply to several schools, 5 or even 10. Pre-specify a deadline, but usually training starts twice a year – fall and spring, and to submit documents necessary for 3-6 months prior to the study.
Be sure to find out in what form you need to apply: should the translation be certified by a notary or at the German Embassy in Russia.
It is not necessary to send documents by regular mail, Express delivery will be more reliable, though more expensive.
So, submitting papers and having received a welcome invitation from the University, you can begin obtaining a visa. Immediately make an appointment to Embassy for submission of documents. Remember, the visa is issued within a month, sometimes longer. Consular fee is not less than 30 euros. You need the following documents: an invitation from the University, three visa application forms, three photos 3,5x4,5cm, medical insurance, proof of financial means of the applicant (statement of account confirming the presence of at least 7020 euros). The minimum wage in Germany is € 585 per month.
It remains the case for small – to get to Germany. The University need to arrive on the date specified in the invitation day. Tardiness will not be accepted for any reason. Keep in mind that the use of housing educational institutions can only be after registration, so consider where you will stay during the first days.
You need to have all the necessary documents, originals and certified translations, and medical insurance. After registration the school will issue an insurance policy and sign up in the office for foreign nationals.