There is a problem: the machine does not spin the clothes

Unpleasant, acquiring the washing machine, to detect at one moment, it simply won't spin the clothes. Some immediately rush to a repair centre, some hoping for a miracle, turn the machine over and over again or press the linen manually. Before you call a specialist and pay money for costly repairs that may not need, better to find out the cause of a failure yourself.

The basic cause of the failure in the system

1. There's a power failure. Just in case check whether the electricity in the house, maybe in the socket inserted cable.

2. Established delicate washing mode may be the reason that your washing machine does not spin the clothes. Before you start washing, carefully read the user manual which describes in detail all the washing modes and their characteristics.

3. Interruptions to the water drain. If for some reason the water out of the drum of the washing machine, the sensors start to indicate a problem with the volume of water and therefore the machine does not spin the clothes. In this case, it may be serviceable pump.

4. All linen is heaped up together. It happens more often when the fabric of bed linen and small things. They come in a duvet cover or entangled in the sheet. In this case, you should simply completely straighten all the sheets.

5. When you configure the mode on the "no spin". Even if you are strongly confident that did not, in any case, worth a look.

Technical reasons

1. Broken tachometer. The primary reason for this failure is the constant reloading washing machine linen, causing malfunction of the washing drum, which can move the mount screw. The washing machine can continue to wash, but do not wring. In this case, to repair the tachometer will fail, so you'll have to call the experts.

2. The problem with the control module, which can occur for a number of reasons: a big jump in voltage, moisture on the contacts and circuits, high humidity, original marriage purchased the washing machine. These problems can easily be the main reason that washing machine cannot wring out lingerie.

If all of the above described signs to malfunctioning machines if you do not have, and the wash cycle is installed correctly and power outages not, for the accurate diagnosis and Troubleshooting, you should contact the service center.