You will need
  • - the passage of the prolonged course of hormone replacement therapy;
  • - help-resolution of complex medical Committee on surgical correction of biological sex;
  • medical document on the preoperative tests;
  • - a written contract-consent with the clinic of plastic surgery;
  • - passport (older than 18 years);
  • - money (depending on the type and site of the operation).
And a half to two years take hormones, hand over analyses on hormones of the body. Visit the psychologist. Stand on record to the endocrinologist, sexologist and psychiatrist. Get the latest necessary for the future operation and change documents the diagnosis F64.0 ("Transsexualism").
Watch your health because hormones for transsexuals, feminizing especially, have serious side effects and dangerous to body. Partly compensate these effects by taking vitamins and a healthy lifestyle without alcohol and Smoking.
Come in for an interview to the head of the Commission issuing tradeable permits to conduct operations on the correction of biological sex and has the necessary license. Such commissions in the country, in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Turn in his direction for two to three weeks of paid several psychiatric tests by a psychologist of the Commission. Receive call on the Commission. Its date depends on the outcome of passed tests.
Earn a Commission and receive a certificate of authorization. Refusal to follow only in the case that you will have bad test results, and the psychiatrists and psychologist were in doubt of the correctness of the initial diagnosis F64.0. Contraindications are psychiatric illness, alcoholism, drug abuse, homosexuality, anti-social lifestyle, lack of visible signs of HRT.
Sign up on the forums for transgender people. Spend monitoring of plastic surgery clinics in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and find out what doctor it is better to have surgery. If you have money, passport and, preferably, knowledge of English, it is better to go to a clinic in Thailand. With the help of the Commission come to the chosen surgeon or call him.
Agree on the type, date, time, and cost of unscheduled operations. Free such operations are not carried out. To deny you can only in the event of a serious chronic disease. For example, HIV, hepatitis C, liver cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus, severe. But usually do not deny, and take extra precautions.
No earlier than two weeks before surgery, do clinical and biochemical analysis of blood, coagulogram, urinalysis, and tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis b and hepatitis C. If you have an operation under General anesthesia, for example, vaginoplasty or mastectomy, removing the breast in FtM (transitioning from female-to-male), you need a fresh electrocardiogram. Analysis of blood for, if you don't have a mark on her passport.
If the surgery will take place in the groin area, then get a razor hair possible. Before you can easily have dinner for eight hours before surgery meal and water should be excluded. Some doctors also recommend that you temporarily stop taking the hormones, but the prerequisite is not.
Give the surgeon a certificate, a resolution of the Commission and the conclusion of the clinic where you donated preoperative tests. Sign the contract, pay the money. The cost, for example, a bilateral orchiectomy, castration for MtF (transitioning from male to female), is 30 thousand rubles. The cost of vaginoplasty — over 200 thousand.
If the operation is performed under local anesthesia as bilateral orchiectomy, listen carefully to the instructions of the surgeon. Answer the questions to check your condition questions. FtM have all kinds of surgeries — mastectomy, a hysterectomy (removal of uterus and ovaries) and phalloplasty (creation of a private artificial skin of the penis) is done under General anesthesia.
Getting up from the table after the operation is completed, be careful. If you immediately go home, as is usually done after orchiectomy, in order to save money, the majority of MtF, in advance, ask someone from relatives or friends to help you. Be sure to drink or eat after surgery, something light- yogurt, kefir, a banana. The first two days of rest.
If the surgery is more complicated, then try for a few days to remain in paid hospital. In General, free the house will not be able to go due to the lack of a new passport and legal recognition of adjustments of the floor. Find out and write down all recommendations of the surgeon for the processing of the operated places. For example, how to do probing at vaginoplasty.