Is it possible pregnancy in men

Many geneticists and morphologists argue that with the development of modern reproductive technology from a purely technical point of view this is possible through the transplantation of female reproductive organ.

However, after transplantation of the uterus will need to observe a number of conditions for its normal functioning. The female body begins to prepare for carrying a child from birth, for the normal functioning of the uterus must cycle various hormones produced by the ovaries. And they transplanted a man will not work, as they are in his body dissipate. Normal operation of the uterus without artificial hormones. The abundance of these hormones gradually turns a man into a woman: to change the voice, will appear the abdomen and thighs, increase Breasts. Without the need to intervene in such processes does not become any doctor.

Natural fertilization in the body with a transplanted uterus to come can not. For conception you will need the use of methods of ECO. But to bring the fetus to birth will be difficult because of the complexity of the processes occurring in the body during pregnancy.

Pregnant male

And yet in the press and on the Internet come across notes about pregnant men. Moreover, the phenomenon is not so rare, if you keep in mind pregnancy sympathetic or so-called syndrome kuvad.

This syndrome is manifested in the fact that during pregnancy women future father begins to experience the same sensations as his wife: nausea, dizziness, weakness, mood swings, even swell Breasts, increasing weight. During childbirth a pregnant male can also experience cramping.

Scientists noticed that these men in the body increases the production of pregnancy hormone – prolactin.

The sex change operation and pregnancy

During the operation to change sex change genitals, but not the reproductive system. So, men who become women can't have children.

If a woman changes sex, becoming pregnant with a man she can completely. The world famous story of Scott Murr, change sex at the age of 16, transgender Thomas Beatie, begat two children. Also at the hearing the case gave birth through a surgical procedure, a man, a native of India Bhagat Sanji, within which for many years has developed his younger brother.