Sexual identity largely determines the individuality of the person, it is inherent in everyone since birth. Sometimes a child is born with congenital anomalies, that is, deformed sexual organs, representing something average between male and female, or has genitals of both sexes. Developmental abnormalities are associated typically with impaired hormonal levels, and with proper treatment are successfully overcome. In this case, parents or doctors choose the gender and surgery. If the member child reaches 2.5 cm or more, he becomes a man, if less of a woman. Even if the child has a male chromosome, it is easier to get used to the role of the barren woman than to be a defective man.
To change operation of the floor is resorted to also the people who recognize themselves as persons of the opposite sex. Many years they do not live in harmony with yourself and others, you feel a different person. Because sex change is possible only once the person should not be a shadow of doubt on this score, it is important to support others, and family.
Technically easier operation to transform a man into a woman. In a year or six months before the date starts hormone replacement therapy, reduced level of testosterone and its derivatives. When the results of the analysis will be satisfactory, is surgery to remove the testicles and the penis. Without testicles the production of male hormones is greatly reduced, it is produced only by the adrenal cortex, therefore, from hormones, you will give up or reduce their consumption. On the contrary, starts taking the female hormone estrogen, which occurs due to the rounding of the body, breast enlargement.
At the request of the patient can be formed vagina in the genital area. It is created from the tissues of the penis, scrotal skin flaps from different parts of the body. A minor complication of the surgery — narrowing of the vagina over time. Also with the help of silicone implants can be increased chest, buttocks.
The transformation of woman to man is technically more difficult and often less effective. If the removal of the ovaries, uterus and vagina, breast reduction is almost always successful, to form a valid penis is a difficult task. After removal of the genital organs must undergo at least a year before the next operation and agrees to it only every second patient, the rest are quite satisfied with the status quo. Erogenous sensitivity after surgery, usually persists.