First, you need to choose the right high-quality day planner. It doesn't matter what it will be outside: bound in leather or solid paperback, with colored pages or plain white, A4 or A5. Most importantly, the pages should be marked with the date and day of week and time intervals. Better if each day will be allocated 2 pages: one for planning by the hour, the other for notes.
Diary wonder got its name. Drive it every day is necessary. Write down tasks and plans as they arise. For example, if you are invited to the wedding after 3 months, put it on a week before the planned event. You will not make plans for the weekend, remembering the celebration. Don't forget to remind yourself about this event in 3-4 weeks, marking the calendar "to buy a gift and dress". During the day, also keep a diary at hand, you may need to write down important information or schedule a case.
Establish goals specifically, breaking large into smaller ones. It is not enough to write "repair room." Plan on one day wallpapering, next buying new furniture, etc. the Most unpleasant or difficult tasks write in the morning. Constantly postponing them for the evening, it is likely that they will remain unfulfilled. Assign each task a level of importance. For example, if you need to negotiate with the client, select this entry figure 1. If the trip can wait, mark it with number 3. Try first of all to perform the super-important things.
On the notes page record that will help you to perform the tasks. It can be phone numbers that you want to call, addresses and work schedules organizations, the amount of money that must be repaid, etc. Every evening to sum up the day. Cross out or mark with a tick those tasks that completed successfully. Carry the other day that failed. Don't plan too much for the day, count your hand.
As a diary will help you become more successful? Recording recording and planning your business, you subconsciously give yourself a promise – to fulfill them. Perhaps at first this will need to overcome your laziness and forgetfulness, but after a couple months of routine maintenance of the diary you will notice progress. To the first time you make it easier to get involved in a new rhythm of life, set a goal: to run 3 scheduled tasks. 1-2 a week is to complete 5 tasks. Increase the pace, trying to implement all planned for the day.