Advice 1: How to make a diary

Printed products has a huge range, especially noteworthy diaries. One has only to walk up to the counter with them, as dazzled by bright colors and formats. But for those who are always striving for perfection and originality they do not represent special interest. The choice of these buyers falls on simple diaries, which can be issued at its discretion.
How to make a diary
You will need
  • diary, colored pencils, crayons, paper, adhesive, beads, cloth of any texture, ribbons, lace, glue
The first thing to come up with a themed diary. The purposes for which it will be used and by whom. Often this creativity is teenage girls or young girls. Therefore, it will be used for records of a personal nature, for example, as a diary or a book to record recipes and other stuff. Such diaries can be of different sizes, from petite, to handbags, to large formats, which are stored in the bedside table.
Choosing a diary for registration, you should pay attention to the binding, quality pages, lined or not, and size. If it will be used for records, it is best to choose the lined, dated book. For those who like to do sketches suitable diary with blank pages.
To start registration, stands with a ready idea, a complete vision of the end result. Here you will need stationery. In the course can go to everything that comes to hand. To start is, again, from the idea and purpose of the diary.
The design of the diary for personal records in the diary can be done in warm, pastel tones, soft fabrics for decoration. Enough to take a piece of silk or velvet, to find the size of the calendar. Take the glue and cover them with the cover outside, immediately attach the prepared piece of fabric. The edge of the fabric can be tucked inside the diary. To hide them, you can cut paper, adhesive, corresponding to the size of the halves and to close the fabric edges on both sides of the calendar. Thus, it is possible to get a new cover and to be engaged in its decoration. It can be patterns of rhinestones that are attached by glue or heat treatment. The role of decorating an excellent job and finished appliques, fabric flowers and beads. If there are remnants of lace, then it is possible even in the case, decorating the edges of the diary.
Original and beautiful bookmark made from a piece of decorative lace or thin ribbon. Attach it easily with the help of PVA glue.
Having dealt with the external design, you can make the diary more than the original, and even decorated it on the inside. There is a small secret: take simple crayons and blade to plane on the page of the diary is small, such as sand, chips. Then you should lightly feather the pollen across the page, giving intricate patterns or making a solid background. So, the diary will become even more original and interesting.
When choosing fabrics is to pay attention to its composition, it is better if it is thick cloth.
When you select the planner it is desirable that the cover was tight, pages white and tight.
As accessories for decorative use ones that you can glue ordinary glue.
Useful advice
To work brought joy, you need to design in a good mood. In the presence of ideas and fantasies can be fun. If to draw even and children, the time will fly by and will be happy to receive all who were involved in the design.

Advice 2: How to make a cover for diary

In stores it is easy to find a hedgehogdiaryor notepads in different sizes, colors and even shapes. But the diary, which is "disguised" with his own hands, will become a favorite. With this diary it will be nice to share intimate thoughts.
How to make a cover for diary
You will need
  • Notebook or diary, a piece of thick fabric, thick colored paper, stationery knife, glue, scissors, ruler.
First, pull out the cover the unit with sheets. Use the letter opener: both of flyleaf cut, be careful not to damage the unit. The block set aside until aside.
On a piece of thick fabric position the cover. Outline the cover on the fabric.
Now with scissors cut out the rectangle stitched, leaving a margin of one inch.
Apply to the edge of the cover glue. One side of the rectangle glue, and then glue the opposite side. If the spine of the cover has turned convex, then also apply the glue.
You don't want to touch the fabric on the corners. Glue all sides of the rectangle. Thus it is necessary to uniformly stretch the fabric!
Connected at the corners of the cloth, tuck them so that no protruding edges. Try to make the edges flat, they should not be too thick.
Cut out of colored paper two rectangles, fold in half - should have two "little books".
Apply to one external side of the "little book" glue, glue to the block - turned front.
In the same way glue the second "book".
Now, apply glue on the free part of the "booklets" (on the outside), insert the cover. Stick and the second flyleaf. The original cover finish.
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