You will need
  • - approved organization in the form of a route sheet.
When designing a form, route sheet, keep in mind the fact that it should contain all the details of the primary document. I.e. name, date of preparation, name of the organization and substance of the transaction, an indication of the positions of the persons responsible for the conduct of economic operations and their signatures.
Approve the periodicity and the procedure for filling the form and route sheet in the composition of accounting policy. Seal or stamp of the organization are optional for this document. Good shape can take a waybill in form № 3, approved by the decree of Goskomstat of the Russian Federation dated 28.11.97 №78.
Fill in the approved form of the date, document number, name of the employee to whom it is issued, the name of the organization. Data by separation of the employee can be arranged in a tabular form: date of trip, purpose, point of origin and destination, mode of transport, which was celebrated trip, and the availability of supporting documents (tickets, receipts for the payment of fuel). The signed route sheet should be the chief accountant and the head of the organization.
The basis for reimbursement of employee expenses related to his itinerant work, is the advance report on spent funds, with all the supporting documents and a completed itinerary. On the expenditure of funds, the employee must report to the accounting of the enterprise within 3 days after the end of the trip.