When you write out your business plans on paper, you better remember the information, and, therefore, less likely that you will forget to do something. Of course, now there is a very handy feature in the phone - reminders, but they don't always help, because the mean a particular time, and if your business just requires implementation by a certain date, then Notepad handy.
A well-known fact that if you write your plans or even dreams on paper, they most likely will come true. Write some kind of global you goal, which still seems not quite real or difficult. Write on paper - it is the first step on the way to the goal. Even if you don't immediately begin to do something, it is still occasionally will encounter a look at this entry, and eventually the idea will no longer feel for you so unreal and mind will develop a set of actions and ways how to achieve this. It only remains to make it happen.
You can create and add different lists in my diary. For example, what to give for the upcoming holidays, a list of books you've always wanted to read a list of places where you want to go, and so on.
Try to turn the diary in your mini diary. Record in the fields some thoughts you found interesting, or even funny, favourite quotes, your dreams. If you wrote in a diary about their holidays, draw near a palm tree to bring up the mood. Let the diary will be not only a to-do list (and things often unwanted), but a fun attribute in your purse, in which one wants to look.