Now you can not only paper diary, but a diary on the Internet, and also record the scheduled business with the help of various programs. But it is better to make this the good old paper diary. It is better to choose thick diary, it will last longer. The most convenient are the one where the numbered pages, and listed the dates and days of the week, better if the diary would with a bookmark.

What are the main features of running diary.

1. Every day write all the things that you're going to do. Down to the smallest detail.

2. Out thing if it's done. Better to carry a planner all the time with him, so much easier to control.

3. If you are planning to do business, but did not do it, then carry on next day. If it is no longer relevant, then just take it off.

4. Evaluate your case. Use numbering to number each case, select the one which is more important and put it at the beginning of the list and the least important below. Such a system can be applied to own development. Number the higher the score the things that you develop that lead you to your goal and assign it a grade of "zero" cases, which do not develop you, such as going shopping or doing Laundry. Thus, you will understand how you are evolving or standing still.

Strict standards in the conduct of the diary no, everyone does it so it is comfortable for him. But it is best to do calendar in accordance with the above rules, it will help to more efficiently find the diary entries and clearly see what you have done and what remains to be done.