You will need
  • - the condom;
  • - local anesthetic ointments.
Causes of premature ejaculation are often psychological in nature. But often rapid ejaculation occurs as a result of inflammatory diseases of the genital glands: vesiculitis, colliculi or prostatitis. Treatment of early ejaculation is quite a long process. Based on the causes of this problem include the following methods: injection, medicine, physiotherapy, surgical. For this you need to seek help from a specialist.
You can take advantage of the useful tips that will allow you to extend sexual intercourse. The first thing men who have difficulties with premature ejaculation, you need to change the diet and diet. Refrain from spicy food, try not to overeat. Sufficient physical exercise will help get rid of tension. Have sex as often as possible, do not make long breaks in sex life. The less you make love, the faster the ejaculation comes in contact. Carry out repeated sexual acts, they are usually more long-lasting than the first.
Will help to increase the time of intercourse using a condom, as it has the ability to reduce the sensitivity of the head member, thereby delaying early ejaculation. The same effect can be achieved by lubricating the glans penis produces the anasthetic local ointments that are sold in pharmacies. Very often men are able to prolong the time of sexual intercourse after taking small doses of alcohol. This is because the alcohol slightly dulls the sensitivity, slow reaction. Moreover, in beer derived from hops, contains a small amount of bromine, which has a calming effect.
Prelude – the basic rule of the extension of sex. Enter the penis into the vagina only after a sufficient allocation of lubrication in women. The head of the penis while will experience intense irritation, and this will have an impact on delaying ejaculation. If you feel that the time of ejaculation is near, stop. Press your fingers on the head of the penis in the place where it connects with the bridle. So you will be able to weaken the agitation, repeating this manipulation can be reused.