Wear underwear made of coarse cloth. From constant contact with rough material the sensitivity of the head is reduced. By the way, this is due to the low sensitivity of the head of the phallus in men who were circumcised prolonged contact with clothing, head covered by the foreskin, efficiently solves the problem of her hypersensitivity.
Physical exercises that are designed to train the muscle of the bottom of the pelvis, which "covers" the prostate gland. 've all heard about kegels for women, but there are similar exercises for men. The essence of exercises that you need to compress the muscles of the pelvis, as if trying to hold urine. At first, the periods of muscular exertion should be short — one second. You need to do 30 to 50 contractions twice a day. Over time, the exercise becomes more complicated: to keep tense the muscles need to three seconds. This method does not reduce the sensitivity of the head significantly, but will allow you to control the process of ejaculation.
Traditional medicine offers to take the leaf of a young cabbage and the night to bandage it to the sacrum. The mechanism of action of cabbage leaf is not known, but many claim that it works.
Modern sex industry is ready to provide you a variety of remedies, temporarily reduces sensitivity of the glans penis. In the pharmacy or intimate store you can choose a gel, ointment or spray with a prolonged effect. To use them just a small amount should be applied to the area of the frenulum of the penis 10 minutes before intercourse. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise there is a risk that an erection will not occur at all.