Medications for the nebulizer from coughing

For the treatment of cough using nebulizer use different solutions which are better and easier just to buy in the drugstore. In their composition often consists of multiple components, which comprehensively deal with the problem. Can and prepare the medication for inhalation. This requires heated to 20 ° C saline and the drug.

The most innocuous cough medicine for use in the nebulizer is considered to be the mineral water "Borjomi" or "Narzan". Alkaline environment facilitates the liquefaction and elimination of purulent secretions. This is probably the only solution, which can be treated independently. The use of drugs should be agreed with the doctor, because self-medication can have unpleasant consequences. The desired concentration of the solution and the feasibility of a particular medication should be determined by the doctor.

If the cough is dry, your doctor may prescribe inhalation with bronchiodialator funds, such as "Flomax", "Pulmicort", "Atrovent". With a wet cough is good to help the solutions of the drugs "Mucosolvan", "ACC", "Fluimucil", "Acetylcysteine", "Pulmozyme", which have mucolytic action. With a very strong cough will help to cope "Lidocaine". To relieve inflammation, as a rule, simultaneously with bronchodilators and mucolytics prescribed "Gentamicin", "Dioxidine", "Tobramycin" or other antibiotics.

Sometimes to fight the cough, the doctor prescribes drugs of combined action, for example, "Fenoterol" or assigns inhalation-based medication different actions. In this case, you must be in the following order: first, to conduct inhalation broncholitics, then after 10-15 minutes – mucolitic, and only after discharge of phlegm, anti – inflammatory drug. Those who are often sick, your doctor may prescribe a prophylactic inhalation therapy based on interferon, which has immunomodulatory effects.

What substances cannot be used in a nebulizer?

Almost any drug and saline to create a solution for use in nebulizer. The main thing – to adhere to the rules described in the user manual for this device, and use only substances which can be used in a particular model.

In many models it is not recommended to use solutions that contain oil. Bring down the inhaler can also decoctions and infusions of herbs. It is better not to use inhalation solutions based on distilled water, because known cases where it caused bronchospasm.