Nebulizers are used to deliver medicines directly to the source of the disease - bronchi and trachea. For this drug placed into the device in liquid form, mixing it in certain proportions with saline. In a fine aerosol of the drug is converted in two ways: using compressed air or ultrasound.
The solution in the form of mist inhaled by the patient through a special mouthpiece or a mask. Due to this, the drug is delivered directly to the inflamed areas (bronchi, trachea, alveoli, even), allowing the drug to influence the outbreak of the disease, according to doctor's orders (consultation which is mandatory).
Whether to purchase a nebulizer
First and foremost, the nebulizer suitable to people with diseases that are chronic. These include chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma. Nebulizer also eliminates the negative symptoms of most acute respiratory infections: cough (both dry and with phlegm), dry and sore mouth, runny nose, shortness of breath.
In addition, the ideal nebulizer to maintain the tonus of the respiratory tract and treatment of the inflammatory process in children. Even kids up to 5 years, not to mention the older guys, no problem to get some "magic" air - an alternative to the bitter pill.
Medicines supplied to a patient in aerosol form, more effectively act on the outbreaks of diseases. This happens because the circulatory system they are not absorbed, therefore, negatively impact other organs do not have. Additionally, the apparatus of the drugs are not heat - chemical reactions alter the composition of the medication in solution not going.
Moreover, the nebulizer is a compact device for inhalation, which can be done at even late hour - no extra visits to medical institutions. Besides, not all clinics have machines capable of creating aerosols with so small particles (0.5 micron), able to penetrate into the alveoli of the lungs.
Nebulizers in the method of work are of three types: compressor (medicine under the strong pressure of the air is converted into an aerosol), ultrasonic (impact on the liquid occurs due to the ultrasonic vibrations) and electron-mesh (pass liquid through the membrane sieve, and then mix it with air). A versatile instrument, devoid of lack of compressor nebulizers - high noise level, inability portable use, and also has the added benefits of the use of any drugs, including antibiotics, for the treatment is electron-mesh nebulizer. However, the prices of such devices is much higher than devices of other types.