In cases involving a violation othozdenia patients, use mucolytic agent. The most popular and effective drugs on the basis of Ambroxol ("Ambrobene", "Mucosolvan") and acetylcysteine ("NAC", "Fluimucil").. Dilute the drug solution for injection or inhaled) saline solution in a ratio of 1:1.
A single dosage of Ambroxol:
- children up to 2 years - 1 ml;

- children 2-6 years - 2 ml;

- children over 6 years and adults - 3 ml.
A single dose of acetylcysteine:

- children 2-6 years - 1 ml;

- children 6-12 years - 2 ml;

- children over 12 years and adults - 3 ml.
Carry out the procedure 1-2 times a day.
In inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system prepare a mixture of herbal remedies. If you use "Rotokan", mix 1 ml with 40 ml of saline. Tincture of propolis or eucalyptus add to the physiological solution in the ratio of 1:20. Use for inhalation with a nebulizer 3 ml of the prepared solution three times a day.
If you are assigned to antimicrobial or antibacterial drugs, prepare them in the following manner:
- 1% solution Dioksidina for injection dilute with saline at a ratio of 1:4 (Dioxidine 0.5 percent - in the ratio 1:2);

- 1 ml of alcoholic extract of chlorophyllipt mix with 10 ml of saline solution;

- 1 tablet furatsilina dissolve in 100 ml of normal saline.
In cases of emergency, for example, in croup, bronchospasm or laryngeal edema, mix 0.5 ml of EPI (children under 2 years of age - 0.25 ml) with 3 ml of saline. Carry out the procedure only once and only with the permission of doctor, as this tool has many side effects and contraindications.