When the effective inhalations with Lasolvan"?

Usually cough occurs with colds. But after his recovery he might even become a very powerful and haunting. In such cases it is recommended to conduct inhalation with special medicinal solutions. The optimum would be a solution "Mucosolvan" for inhalation.

Solution "Mucosolvan is a mucolytic agent. It consists of Ambroxol significantly reduces the viscosity of sputum. Inhalation of this tool will help to get rid of bronchial asthma, bronchitis and ease symptoms of chronic lung disease. Inhalation of the medicinal substance acts directly on the mucous membrane of the pulmonary tract.

By the way with dry cough to conduct such inhalation is not recommended. They can not help, and harm to the patient. In this case, inhalation facilitates expectoration and dry cough are not shown.

How to perform inhalations with Lasolvan and saline?

For conducting inhalation should use the solution of "Rest" along with saline. It is the saline solution can really improve the absorption of any medication. It is recommended to take the drug in ampoules of 2 ml. Saline is added in the same amount. It is best to conduct inhalation a couple of times a day, but with very strong manifestations of cough, the frequency of inhalations can be increased to three times a day. Time for inhalation should be selected in such a way that then the patient had to go to cold air.

Should be inhalation in two hours after a meal. You need to try during this process not to do deep breaths that can trigger strong coughs. In bronchial asthma the patient should first take bronchodilators to prevent attack during inhalation. You may need a heating solution for inhalation patient with increased body temperature. After the procedure you should not eat within one hour. Usually children's inhalations with Lasolvan and saline should last no longer than three minutes.

Inhalation with the indicated drug and a saline solution for pregnant women in the first trimester, is strictly prohibited. And in the second and third trimestrah such inhalations should be performed only after doctor's prescription.