Technically, permanent magnets made of special alloys, which are sometimes called ferroalloys. With magnets you can conduct interesting experiments, and even magic tricks. In fact, to make a magnet from any metal object in the home, magnetized it.

  1. The simplest way to do it. To make a magnet using a strong permanent magnet, this permanent magnet must be several times to hold magnetized in one direction. This magnet will retain their properties for a while, and its magnetic field is quite weak. However, this way you can, for example, to magnetize a screwdriver, to small cogs was attracted to her. This can simplify the repair process of any device.

  2. Magnetizing using electromagnet on the battery. To impart magnetic properties to the metal object by using the electromagnet. For example, if a screwdriver, pre-wrapped insulator, e.g., paper, wound a few hundred turns of copper wire, which is used for making transformers and electromagnets, and then connect it for a short time to the battery or a battery with a voltage of 5-12 volts then the electromagnetic field will magnetize a metal object inside our coil.

  3. Magnetizing current from the mains. Make the magnet stronger or to restore the magnetic properties of the magnet, is made industrially, if the use of the following method. First perform the steps described in the previous method, the only difference is that the turns on this coil need to be wound approximately 2-3 times more, that is 400-600 turns.

    Also need the fuse with a cutoff current of 1-1. 5 amperes and a normal mains plug with the wires. Next, you need to connect in series the coil and the fuse. When you enable this design to the network, the fuse will burn, but a strong electromagnetic field will have time to magnetize the metal inside the coil. Using this method, you should be very careful as it will have to work with life-threatening voltage.