You will need
  • Screwdriver, oiled paper, fuse, circuit breaker, copper wire.
To make the easiest way magnet just after a few times in one direction along the magnetized strong permanent magnet. But a magnet will quickly lose its properties will have a weak magnetic field and can be used for simple actions, for example, to get the needle out of the cracks in the floor, or fasten bolts.
Magnetism with batteries. The electromagnet will impart the magnetic properties of the metal object. Consider the example of a screwdriver. A screwdriver, wrapped insulator, spool 200-300 turns of wire, which is used for the manufacture of transformers and connect it to the battery or the battery 5 to 12 volts. The electromagnetic field will magnetize the screwdriver.
To make a stronger permanent magnet you can use the following way by using the induction coil. Rod magnet must be of a size to completely fit inside of the coil. Follow the steps described above, but the turns take about two times more.
If you use the current of the mains - don't forget to put a fuse. Then connect the coil to the fuse. When plugging in the fuse can burn, but a strong electromagnetic field will have time to charge the metal inside the coil.