You will need
  • - powerful magnet;
  • - low magnet;
  • - wire of PEV;
  • - thin copper conductor;
  • - fuse Meringue;
  • network 220;
  • the high - voltage battery or battery pack;
  • - capacitor.
If you want to restore the magnet temporarily, place it near a powerful current permanent magnet, paying attention to polarity. Leave the design for a month or two, and then assess the state of charge of the products – you will see that it began to work better. Thus it is possible to magnetize any metal object, such as a screwdriver, but its properties will disappear pretty quickly.
If you want to charge the magnet more thoroughly, collect the installation from the coil and magnet. To do this, wind the reel in coils of 50-200 (its size must exceed the core sizes by 30-40%) of the copper wires and place inside the magnet. Note that between the wire and the magnet should be insulator – to-air, paper, duct tape or other material, not conductive current. If the magnet is already polarity, Orient it in the coil the right way, you can use an ordinary compass.
Take a capacitor with a capacity of at least 5000 UF and charge it from the mains. Then connect the terminals to the coil (via the switch) and press the button to discharge it. Formed inside field to charge the magnet. Instead of the capacitor you can use regular batteries or rechargeable batteries with a voltage of 5-12 volts.
To charge or restore the properties of the magnet, is made industrially, use voltage of 220 V. For this to wind through the insulating layer coil of copper wire, the size 400-600 turns.
Take the fuse with a maximum current of 1-1. 5 amperes, it can be a thin copper conductor with a thickness not exceeding 0,05 mm or the Bose fuse in a glass tube (it is more safe, as rasplava wire remains within the tube).
Take a normal network plug wires and connect consistently to the coil and fuse. Turn the unit to the network, the fuse will burn, but the electromagnetic field formed inside the coil will magnetize the metal.
Be very careful during the last way, as you will be working with deadly voltage. Remove from the room of women, children and animals, and themselves stay away from the installation, as sparks of hot metal flying from the fuse, can get into eyes and skin.