You will need
  • A special house for childbirth or big box, windproof warm room, isolated from children and animals.
The first, and one of the main reasons a cat may throw kittens - their unsustainability. Cats, like other animals, feel when we should or shouldn't fight for the life of the offspring. Most often in such cases, initially the cat is not licking the kitten after birth, not trying to feed and not taking care. Most often it happens with only 1-2 kittens from a litter, especially if the litter is large. Sometimes cats can suffocate nonviable kitten, this is due to their instincts (in the wild animals are nursed and fed only healthy offspring).
A common reason why cats do not care for neonatal kittens are postpartum complications. In particular, such are suffering or aged primiparas young cats suffering from mastitis or metritis (in this case, it makes sense to immediately take the animal to the vet and the kittens to nurse on their own), or old cats, which have dulled over time, maternal instinct. In the latter case it is better soon after birth to make cat sterilization – this will allow the animal to live longer and not to have problems with the genitourinary system.
Medical reasons include hormonal abnormalities. Sometimes shortly after birth (within 1-2 weeks) in a cat, an unscheduled period in which she "forgets" about the kittens. To help in such cases can only vet: you must pass tests to rule out any pathology to be examined. Unfortunately, in such cases, all responsibilities for feeding kittens will have to do a masters (this is especially hard since 1-2 weeks babies aren't eating solid food and you must feed them with milk from a special bottle or pipette).
Very often that the cat is not experiencing a craving for kittens affect people. Giving birth to animals a lot of stress is the fuss around the process. A lot of people, noise, light, constantly touching the cat and kittens hand – all it confuses the mother with the necessary attitude, beats the smell and she doesn't feel the kittens as the offspring. In order to avoid this, it is better to put a box (house) for childbirth in a quiet dark place, preferably away from children, and almost come close to 10-14 days after birth. It is also advisable not to let into the room with a recently born cat other animals (cats or dogs). To break in a new place, the cat is better for 7-10 days before giving birth is to feel secure.