A few hours before giving birth

A few hours before birth, the cat is restless, nervous, scratching the floor, shaking, trying to retire. It all says that soon the light will be kittens. A few weeks before the important event, the cat, as a responsible future mom, looking for a suitable place in the house for their offspring. She sniffs all cabinets, corners and shelves, looking for a quiet and warm place. The owner of the pet must create all necessary conditions that the cat was comfortable to give birth.

как принимать роды у кошек

The method of determining the time of birth

It is possible to predict the time of birth, measuring the temperature of the animal is already 61 days of pregnancy. A few hours before birth, the temperature falls from 38.5 to 37.5 degrees. The cat at this time is placed in a convenient location, beginning to lick his genitals, tossing and turning from side to side. From the vulva before birth is allocated a yellowish-brown viscous liquid. This is a normal phenomenon. If the discharge is green or black shade, you should begin to worry.

Как принимать роды у кошки

Caring owners

The owners should take care of the cat for a few weeks before the birth. You must build for her a house out of the box. It should be done in advance to get your cat accustomed to the place, inhabit it. If the new place doesn't appeal then you can lure all kinds of yummy treats or favorite toys. The walls of the home should not be high, so it was easy to climb. In the last weeks of pregnancy the cat hard to move around, to climb somewhere. On the bottom of the box you need to lay the paper diaper that absorbs moisture. Most importantly, the bedding was warm and quiet place. It is necessary to predict in advance the size of the box to all cat family there fit. Before birth, a cat's increased appetite. Near the habitat, you should put the drink and food.

что делать когда кошка не может родить

The appearance of kittens into the light

At the time of birth near the cat should not be other animals and children, you must remain calm, not shout and be quiet. If the cat started to give birth not cooked on the spot, so it is necessary to carefully there to transfer or to send. If the pet does not want the owner sat beside me during the whole process, so it should be back and not interfere, but follow the event, in the event that to help. When cat first gives birth, often she needs moral support. You can gently stroke the mother's belly, talking to her and comfort her. It is important not to irritate her and not to interfere, as in this case, you can start a complication that will harm the kittens and the cat.

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