The owner of a cat you want to cuddle your pet, hug, Pat on the back of the neck, to scratch the belly, that is, to fully Express their position. Can be used for games and communication tied on a string paper, Sunny Bunny, balls of yarn – everything that can interest a cat. However, to take an adult cat by the scruff is not too reasonable.

Сколько зубов у кошек

Small kittens and adult cats

как почистить кошке зубы

When kittens are still small, the mother cat can move them, taking teeth by the scruff. In this case, the cub resembles a limp child's toy, which has no will and mind. One look at this action enough to remember it forever. And people remember, and then act irrationally. Take an adult cat as if she were a small kitten, and there is no difference, how to handle it.

Как помыть взрослую кошку

However, the physiology of small kittens and adult animals differ. In the "children's" the age of the kids skin has not yet hardened, can well reach, and the muscles are not yet strengthened. So when the cat takes his son with his teeth by the scruff, it did not cause him significant inconvenience.

как вымыть кошку

An adult pet's skin is rougher, the muscles were well enough developed and strengthened. Careless handling of the host may cause her some discomfort. Overall, if you really want or it simply can't, you can apply and a way to raise a cat or to move from place to place. But this should be done with caution, because the stretched skin may cause her concern as well as just start to choke. We should not forget about the weight, much larger than a kitten. If too strongly to pull on yourself, it is possible spinal damage.

как вязать кошку с котом

In addition, according to professionals, this treatment is reminiscent of the favorite childhood that can hurt him, and you will never earn the location of the cat. As far as is reasonable, is unknown, but an opinion. Outwardly it can be expressed in aggressive behavior, apathy is when the owner gets a couple deep scratches or bites.

Right to take an adult animal needs under the neck and belly, not squeezing too hard and not causing him discomfort.

If there is no other way

In some cases, take the cat by the scruff have to get out from under the sofa, remove the branches, or for other reasons. And then all you need to do correctly to avoid potentially mutual injuries.

Take a small, but sufficient for a confident hold a fold of skin on the nape of the animal and gently pull. Look at the reaction of the cat. If she shows no signs of aggression, begins to choke or to show discontent, it is possible to add effort.

To lift her into the air need not abruptly, without jerks and haste. Such an effort will only increase the potential risks for both cats and the owner.

Once you have verified the security measures, you can lift it up and move to the desired location.