Often cats do not feed tiny kittens who were born sick or not viable. This is usually 1-2 animals in the whole calving – to force the mother to feed these children is almost impossible, as cats have a highly developed natural instincts. The refusal of feeding can be associated with a difficult birth too – if the cat is unhealthy, weak and feels pain, it will not waste energy on feeding kittens until then, until you recover. If the healing process will take a long time, the cat can simply lose milk or of interest to the kittens. Affect feeding and physical/psychological injuries sustained by the cat during childbirth.
In addition, the cat may refuse to feed the kids, if the environment will seem insecure – for example, in the house there is another animal around too noisy or kittens constantly take the hands and so on. Gave birth to the cat is necessary to provide a snug and hidden from prying eyes place where she can fully indulge in the joy of motherhood. If the cat has not received physical injuries, childbirth was successful, and around the most favorable environment, try to lay it on its side and slip to nipples kittens – very often it works the maternal instinct, though late, but is included.
If any of the above methods fail, kittens need to nurse on their own. Replace the cat's milk, you can use 50 grams of whole cow's milk, 2.5 g dry yeast and 15 g of whole milk powder. You can also mix egg yolk with 0.5 l of concentrated milk and 4 tsp of sugar or dissolve the concentrated powdered milk and cream in the broth of fennel. A good replacement will be a mixture of 50 g of the whole hard-boiled eggs, 1 g of vegetable oil, 50 g whipped egg whites and 4 g of grape sugar. Raw cow's milk used for feeding is not recommended.
Feed the kittens by using special bottles and nipples, sold in veterinary pharmacies – you can also use a syringe or plastic eye dropper that had been previously sterilized with boiling water. Stock food to cook for a day, not more, and store it in the refrigerator, warming before feeding to 38оС. It is very important that the kittens have learned to suck liquid through a narrow orifice. In the first few days of life is enough for them 1 tsp of milk formula every 2 hours.