The government has included a number of measures of social support for veterans of the fighting. Persons having such a status, they are entitled to benefits defined by the law On veterans No. 5-FZ, dated 12.01.1995. It covers many areas of the lives of those who fought in the hot spots and protect the Fatherland. Assistance is provided at the expense of means Federal and regional budgets.

From the Federal budget, in particular, is a monthly cash payment.


For all veterans there is a discount for payment in the amount of 50% of the living space (maintenance). It is provided and family members, regardless of the type of housing. And those who became disabled because of wounds, injury or contusion in the performance of military duties, subject to the benefit payment equal to 50% of utilities. It concerns also family members of a veteran.

Combat veterans are provided with housing. Those who stood on the account until 1 January 2005, in accordance with article 23.2 of the law "On veterans", after 1 January 2005 in accordance with the housing legislation of the Russian Federation.

Veterans have an advantage upon entry into housing and garage cooperatives, horticultural partnerships and dacha.


Government cares about the health of veterans. They retain the services in the departmental clinics and other medical institutions to which the veterans were attached to retirement. They primarily receive free medical assistance in the Federal health institutions. Combat veterans are provided with free prostheses (except dental) and orthopedic products.


Veterans have the opportunity to learn, to get free education. They can come out of the competition at the state educational institutions of higher and secondary professional education. Student veterans are paid a special allowance. You can learn in refresher courses and retraining. Study in this case paid by the employer.

Combat veterans are actively involved in public life, create associations and veterans ' organizations. The law gives them the right to preemptive use of cultural, sporting and health institutions.

In the regions, there are additional measures of social support of veterans of military actions. Information about them can be found in the territorial Management of social protection at the place of residence.