Look on the remote of your TV the button with the pictogramme in the form of a stylized screen where there are three or four lines that mimic the lines of text. If you click it once, the TV switches to Teletext overlay characters on a black background. The second pressing will be chosen blending mode of characters on the TV picture. Finally, a third push will turn off the Teletext mode and so on.
Check out how the TV behaves when you try to switch to Teletext mode if the currently enabled channel text information is missing. Some devices show a splash screen with information about the absence of the Teletext signal, the other decoder is activated and still displays a blank page. The ability to customize the TV on one channel, and the text read from another on the vast majority of TV is missing.
To mute the decoder at any time press, which shows a blank screen.
Keys to adjust the volume, use as usual, given the fact that in the Teletext mode information about the value of this parameter is not displayed. The sound to the speakers from the listening channel to which the TV is configured.
Keys change channels, as well as the keys with the numbers use to select pages Teletext. Remember the numbers of two pages on most of the channels are standard: 100 - title, 888, or, more rarely, 777 - subtitles. Immediately after switching on the decoder wait until the page is 100. All pages of three digit numbers and numbers less than 100 they did not happen. Above shows the number of the page currently being broadcast. Once notified of the page number you select, it immediately boots up. If not, the meter will spin indefinitely until you enter another room. No page 777 or 888 says that the subtitles transfer is not accompanied by. Subtitles are always displayed over the image, not a black background, regardless of the selected mode.
If the screen displayed a quiz, you will not see the answer to the question until, until you press the button with a question mark. To remove an answer, click on it again.
In the bottom of the page displays four colored rectangles with numbers on other pages referenced in the display. To open a link, press on the remote control key of the corresponding color.
Remember that when the decoder switching channels input on the TV menu and some other functions are locked. To take advantage of them exit the Teletext mode.