Some mothers may need to Express milk. It's true when they need to go to work or too much milk. Not everyone can Express milk manually – not enough practice or hurt. In this case, will a breast pump. There are some guidelines for proper use of this device.

First you need to prepare

First of all, you need to thoroughly wash hands with soap and water. The chest should also be washed with warm water. Then you need to fold all the parts of the breast pump, pre-washed, sterilized and dried. It is further recommended to do light massage of the Breasts and nipples, it contributes to the tide of milk.


In the process of the breast pump funnel of the instrument must be put to the breast so that the nipple was located right in the center. The pump should fit snugly to the chest to create a vacuum. The effectiveness of the pumping depends on whether a dry breast, so before you process it must be dried well.

Next you need to compress the pump unit. You must click on the handle of the piston or the switch of the electric pump depending on your type of device. The flow of milk Express you need to follow. If it is intense, then swing the pump or pushing on the handle should not, until a thread become weak. When expressing by electric breast pump need to adjust the intensity with the help of special buttons.

At the end of pumping if the milk is intended for baby, again you need to massage the breast and nipple to run to the last drop of milk – they have the greatest value and nutritional value and just needed the baby for the normal formation of immunity.

Sterilization of breast pump

After pumping the bottle to be disconnected from the pump, close it with a lid and refrigerate. The pump should be disassembled into its component parts, carefully washed and sterilized with sterilizer or in a pot of boiling water. This procedure is necessary after each pumping breast milk, it prevents harmful bacteria inside the instrument. Breast pump should be sterilized in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. After that, the device must be dried so that it was ready for the next pumping. The milk expressed at different times cannot mix with each other, the bottle should be stored separately.