You will need
  • - breast milk;
  • - glass containers;
  • - enameled pan;
  • - a towel.
Contact your doctors for advice on the necessity of sterilizing your breast milk (the doctor will install as necessary as a temporary option) or the use of donor expressed breast milk (if a deficiency or absence of breast milk from the mother). Expressed donor milk are sterilized. Sterilization of breast milk is a last resort, since this procedure is the destruction of nutrients: vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, enzymes, immunoglobulins. All these nutrients are necessary for the formation of the immune system.
If you need milk sterilization process the container sterilized milk (better if it's glass container, but there are special plastic bottles for infants).
Pour expressed breast milk in bottles, of which you will later feed the baby.
Pour into an enamel pan of water so that a bottle of milkm comfortable standing in the saucepan and swam.
Put a bottle of milkm a saucepan, turn on the gas cooker.
As soon as a rapid boil, turn down the gas.
Keep bottles of breast milkm in boiling water for five to eight minutes.
Turn off the gas cooker.
With a towel carefully remove from enamel pots bottle with sterilized breast milkM.