What is the manual breast pump of Philips Avent

Manual breast pump Philips Avent is additionally equipped with a feeding bottle. The pump consists of a cover funnel, silicone petal massager, pump cover, silicone diaphragm, handle, pump casing and pump valve. The bottle comes complete with adapter, cover/stand, soft teat for children from 0 months cap for nipples, coupling ring and plug. The bottle can be used as container for collecting and storing milk.

The Assembly of the pump

Before assembling the device, all parts should be carefully washed and sterilized. Hands are also advised to wash well with soap and water. Be careful when cleaning the valve, because it provides a vacuum effect which works the pump. The valve requires careful handling: do not insert any objects and RUB with a sponge.

If you use a steam sterilizer, the pump will remain sterile for 6 hours. To keep, collect all the parts of the sterilizer, and instead of a bottle install plug. You need to install the valve and silicone diaphragm into the housing of the pump. A funnel inserted in her petal massager cover. So it is possible to ensure sterility of items in the way.

After washing and sterilizing the parts, you can proceed directly to the Assembly of the pump. To do this, insert the white valve into the pump housing on the lower side. The housing should be mounted on a bottle, which is fitted with adapter ring. The case with the installation carefully turn clockwise until it clicks. Silicone diaphragm with stem is inserted into the housing of the pump. It should be installed tightly, so push her fingers around the edges. The neck crank is placed on the rod of the diaphragm. Press the handle. When it snaps into place, you will hear a click.

Silicone petal massager must be installed in the funnel and press firmly around the edges. The Assembly is over. If you are going to use the breast pump right now, put the lid on the funnel. And to give the whole structure stability, the bottom of the bottle is installed in the stand.

Almost all pump parts made of plastic, so try not to use force in its Assembly. Perform all movements with caution.