Remove the milk from the freezer.To store breast milk in the freezer, so when you defrost it you need to move in the refrigerator. On the shelf of the refrigerating chamber milk can thaw for 12 hours.
Heat milk with warm water.This method is good its gradually – the milk is defrosted or immediately, but quickly. Put the bottle, container or package of frozen milkm under a stream of warm water. The bottle is convenient to thaw in a small basin filled with warm water. As the cooling water must change to warm.
Use a water bath.Heat the milk in a water bath carefully – it is important not to overheat. The temperature of breastmilk should not exceed human body temperature. Prepare a wide pan, pour the water back by about a quarter. Take a container of smaller, put it in the water and place the container with milkm. Set the design on the plate, including a slow fire. Regularly stir the milk.
Heat the milk in a special device.Heater bottles with formula or milkm convenient, as it allows you to reheat and use breast milk with maximum comfort. Do not worry about overheating – it can warm breast milk only up to the set temperature. With this device, you will be able to maintain the desired temperature of the contents of the bottle for some time. Use the heater on trips or away.
Warm the milk in a microwave oven.This method allows you to heat milk for a few minutes and is often used in case of lack of time. Watch carefully for uniformity of heating – stir and move the container of milkM. warm milk often in such a way, as there is a perception that microwave ovens work when you "kill" the beneficial properties of the product.