The main reasons for expressing

Pumping is ideal for the prevention of stagnation (lactostasis), and to increase the amount of milk. However, if you feed your baby on demand (the interval between feeding 2-2. 5 hours) and 24 hours a day have the opportunity to be with a baby around, pumping is not necessary, as the milk arrives in exactly the same amount in which it need growing the body of the baby.

But there are a number of reasons why breast pumping just need:

The feeding regime. In this case, the baby is put to the breast up to 6-8 times a day. That's why experts recommended to Express milk after each feeding until complete relief of the chest. This procedure is necessary in order to stop the brain sent signals about a large amount of milk that can further lead to lowering of the level of lactation.

If your child is away or you need to leave for a few hours.

If you are taking medications that are incompatible with breastfeeding. This way you will be able to continue feeding after the necessary treatment.

How to Express milk

This milk can be used 2 ways:
- manual pumping;
- mechanical expression (using breast pump).
To collect the milk you can use a sterilized vessel with a wide neck or a special container.

In case of manual pumping, you need to start to wash my hands. After that, take the chest in hand. Make it so that your thumb is on top 4-5 cm from the areola (nipple area). Now begin to gently bring the thumb with the forefinger massaging the area of the milk ducts.

Your fingers must slide down to the area of the areola. In no case do not squeeze the nipple. In the first minutes the milk can little to stand out, however, after saiwala rhythmic movements will start the reflex of his release, and the whole process will accelerate.
Manual type of pump is very convenient in case you use it not too often and only occasionally feed the baby from the bottle.

For nursing moms who need constant pumping, it is recommended to use breast pumps. They are of 2 types:

Both options allow you to quickly and efficiently carry out the procedure of pumping.

Using an electric breast pump, you simply attach a device to your chest, press the button, and begins to Express milk in the attached container. This pump requires a cash outlay, but you can rent it. Hand tool is much cheaper, but the function of "pumping" you will need to do yourself through rhythmic pressing on a special lever.

Remember, if your child for any reason can't breastfeed and need to pump from both Breasts, moving from one to the other and so on until their complete evacuation.

Remember, short and frequent pumping is much more effective in stimulation of lactation than long but rare.