Advice 1: As for Vkontakte mention a person

More recently, users of the social network of "Vkontakte" became available additional opportunities for communication. One of them is the reference person with a link to his page in various publications.
As for Vkontakte mention a person
Find out the account ID of the person to make his references. To do this, simply go to the page of the desired user and click on the address bar. Copy the ID, which looks like a word ID with a specific sequence number. Sometimes instead refer to any phrase in Latin letters, if the person has installed more comfortable and memorable address for your page.
Apply a special script to create links to the man "Vkontakte": [link Address|link Text]. As paragraph "link Address" insert the page ID for the right person and in the "link Text" - a brief description. So you will receive a link to the person's profile "Vkontakte". It can be used in correspondence or when you mention someone in your own records. Also, instead of the user ID, you can specify a link to any group or public to this social network, musical album, video or photo.
To mention person as a reference, if you want to write him an answer in one of the discussions. Hit "Reply" under his comment. In this case, at the beginning of your message at the bottom of the theme will automatically appeal to the person on his behalf with reference to his communication. Mention a person in your message is possible without active links, but in this case it will be harder to understand who exactly you are addressing.
Press * (asterisk on keypad) before you can write a message or post publication. You will be taken to a mini-list of your friends from which you can choose a specific person and make it the reference. Similarly, it is possible to make reference to the group, a list of dialogs, etc.
As soon as you place a reference to the person or the comment to the recording, the user will immediately receive a notification.

Advice 2: How to write a human VK

If earlier people that are far away from each other, communicated with each other by means of letters written on paper, now they prefer to communicate via mobile phone and social networking.
How to write a human VK
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you want to write man, was Vkontakte, to start make a registration in this social network. Registration is quick. In a special window, you specify all personal information, including name, surname, gender, mobile number, e-mail and other information. Registration is confirmed by the message that comes to the number you specified. In this message, you will receive a code that you will enter, complete the registration Vkontakte.
Now in the search box enter the surname and the name of any of your friend or acquaintance and send him a friend request. Now that your friends list will be replenished, you can write these messages. To send any text, audio or video to your friend, find him in my friends list and click on his name. You will see the page of this user. On the left you will see the main photo of the person and under it is a button: "Send a message". Click on this button and you will see a dialog box in which you type any desired text. In the lower left corner of this window you will see the following text: "Submit", at the right: "to Attach". If you need to send to a friend text only, click on the first button, but if you want to send him a document, a song or video, click on the second button. Select "Attach" and you will see the following inscription: "Photo", "Document", "Audio", "Video", "Map". Selecting one of the functions that you will be able to send your friend a message with the appropriate attachment.
Besides messaging with your friends, you can send messages to other users of Vkontakte, which is not in your friends list. Find any user open the page by clicking the left mouse button on its name. On the left, under the person's photo, you'll see "Send message". Repeating the steps above, you can write a letter to this user. However, there are people who are blocking access to messaging to strangers. In this case, try to first send that person a friend request, and then, if he'll accept it, write him a message.

Advice 3: How to find a person by id in Vkontakte

Each user of a social network "Vkontakte" has its own identification number that appears in the address bar when you navigate to the appropriate page. Knowing ID, you can quickly find the right person.
How to find a person by id in Vkontakte

Direct search for person by id

Identification number of a user of a social network "Vkontakte" begins with the letters "id" followed by the serial number of the registration of the person. If you exactly know the ID of the desired user, specify it immediately after the ' at the top of your browser and hit Enter. So once you get to the desired page. Please note that some users set the short address of the page instead of the ID in the form of one or more words in Latin. If you are aware of the short address of the user, try to go to his profile after entering the appropriate combination.

Use the search service of "Vkontakte". The search bar located at the top of the main page of your profile. Enter the number of the user all or part of a search string and press "Enter". Select the most suitable result.
There are various advanced search options. For example, if you don't know the user number, but you are aware of any other data, starting with the name and ending with the place of study, search for him.

Additional search methods

Use Internet search engines such as Yandex, Google and others to search for a person by his ID. Select the appropriate combination in the search box and follow the procedure. You can also find a person by others is known about this data, in turn pointing them in the search engine.
If you are aware of the approximate period of registration of the user in the social network, specify it. This will help to find more accurate results.

Think what communities and groups of a social network may consist of the man, and search among their subscribers. Also remember all the peoplewho may know someone who you want, and try to seek help them by adding to your contacts list and sending them a private message.

If you are looking for user who have committed wrongful actions against you, for example, sent an abusive message, you can try to figure out his identity with the help of the administration "Vkontakte". E-mail by clicking on the link at the bottom of the website and include the reasons why you need to find a man. Technical support quickly responds to the requests of users, and soon you will receive a response from her.
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